Thursday, June 22, 2017

Daily Energy Forecast!

We just celebrated the summer solstice yesterday, the longest day of the year with the element of fire peaking. This is the perfect time to hone your skills. We are all blessed with unique skills and talents but the idea is to develop and serve others using them. This is the way!

The southern portent directly influences how we serve others through our skills, and as we do so, the accolades follow. Today, the energy is bright in the south portent. It is a fabulous combination between leading, motivating and networking with others that produces long terms results. It does require time to meditate and contemplate what your next move on your path should be. Take time today to map out those people who would be beneficial for your growth. Then, place strong earth in the south portent along with bright lighting and movement.

To assist in attracting others to help you along, place the element of wood and fire in the southwest. It's important to support good relationships in order for things to unfold properly.

It's never too late to set intentions for this time of year with a fire burning ceremony. Enjoy my Summer Solstice Despacho fire burning ceremony by clicking here.

Mary Jane

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Harmony in Design - DIY!


Who doesn't want to design an environment that feels like you just stepped into nature. Well, now you can! Simply click here and listen to my youtube presentation!

Here is a sneak preview of the contents:

  • 8 Powers of attractions
  • 5 Elements in Design
  • Color: The Life Palette
  • Scent: The Smell of Nature
  • Touch: Textures that Soothe and Inspire
  • Sound: Heal the Spirit
  • Measurements that Work
  • Furniture: Delicate Flow
  • And much more including how to design every room from attic to basement!

Mary Jane

Monday, June 12, 2017

FLying Star Daily Energy Video!

Click on the video links and tune into today's energy plus a short video for the east and southeast portents of your home!

               East & Southeast  Feng Shui Video  

                                                               Daily Flying Star Video:

Mary Jane

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Crystals in Your Home

Crystals placed around your home will absorb negativity and promote a happy, harmonious atmosphere. Choose crystals that you are attracted to. Before arranging them in the home, place them outside in a bowl of water for 24 hours to cleanse and re-energize them. The fascination of crystals comes from their earth born beauty.  Here are a few common types of crystals you can enjoy in and around your home:

  • Clear Quartz, can lift us to a lighter, more joyful state.
  • Aventurine, a beautiful green stone, clears turbulent thoughts and purifies the emotions.
  • Rose Quartz, associated with love, gently releases emotional blockages.
  • Yellow Calcite, brings inner strength and peace.
Crystals are a perfect way to bring sacred geometry into your living environment as well. This is a powerful way to imbue your space with divine harmony. Enjoy the process of choosing crystals and aligning them to areas of your home that feel stagnant. You'll be amazed how different your living or working space will feel!

Mary Jane Kasliner