Thursday, December 28, 2017

10 Feng Shui Tips to Increasing Finances!

The ancient Chinese system of Feng Shui uses the power of focused intention, compass directions, architecture, landform, and a combination of other data to improve life experiences. If you would like more abundance for yourself and your family, especially after the holidays, try these ten basic Feng Shui tips.

1. Position income producing documents, bank statements and business invoices in the directional bagua polar points of opportunity (Northwest) and income (southeast). This little act helps you to become more mindful of available opportunities and finances.

2. Choose color palettes for rooms located in potential income (Northwest), in earthy tones or metal hues. To support and assist daily finances choose wood and water hues in those rooms located in the Southeast. Choosing proper colors will support and assist these bagua points tremendously. After all, walls take up a great deal of square footage and therefore have a substantial impact.  

3. If appropriate, place a water feature or fish bowl in the southeast. The movement of clean water propels energy, and when it comes to finances, who couldn't use more movement here!

4. Place images of generosity in theses wealth areas (Northwest and Southeast). Perhaps a change bowl for charity, or an image of a particular charity you give to often. It is in the giving that we receive.

5. Add some lush green plants especially to the southeast sector of your home. However, be mindful if this direction is the location of a bedroom, and then only one plant is appropriate. Healthy plants are a symbol of vitality and growth.

6. Make sure there is amble support to the rear of your home with tall trees, hedging, rockery or fencing. Inside, make sure the back walls are well supported with powerful furnishings and artwork. Good support to the rear of the structure (fu wei), directly impacts finances and health. After all, if you are not healthy, it becomes extremely difficult to produce wealth.

7. Spruce up the front property and entrance to your home to invite healthy energy to circulate. 

8. Place a movement device outdoors in the Northwest (metal chime), and Southeast (bird feeder) to attract wealth from outside sources. 

9 and 10:  Refine, Refine, Refine. This refers to finer points of wealth such as the sheng qi (up to 4 points), the Fu wei (up to 4 points), flying star and 4 Pillars. Some of these refined points will require the assessment of a professional.

* For assistance to any of the above points tap into my Feng Shui Designs in a Flash PDF Program here! Just scroll down my store page and you will find it!

Here's to increasing the bottom line!

Mary Jane Kasliner - feng shui yoga girl -

Friday, December 22, 2017

Expansion of Horizons in Your Home

A landscape painting or print will bring a refreshing openness - literally, an expansion of horizons to any interior, as well as a mood of pastoral tranquility. Some examples include, rustic scenes, sublime wilderness landscapes, snowscapes, water views, forest scenes or ancient Eqypt, which suggests an exotic spirituality, especially if they feature the Pyramids or the Sphinx. These images are particularly effective when transitioning from one room to another or the front entrance, especially if a wall is the first object your body encounters.

Our brains are programmed in such a way that an image can immediately trigger a parasympathetic or sympathetic response to our nervous system. Serene images will effectively activate the parasympathetic mode and relax bodily systems, whereas action oriented images will have the reverse effect and trigger the sympathetic nervous system resulting in a fight or flight mode whereby respiration and heart rate increase. Obviously, the goal is to relax the body and invite a high vibration of energy into the environment so your body can resonate with it.

Learn about other ways to effectively program your environment for healthy living by reading any of my publications or E- Series programs!

Mary Jane - Feng Shui Yoga Girl -

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Mercury in Retrograde and What to Focus On!

Mercury in Retrograde and What to Focus on!
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Mercury Retrograde 

What to focus on!

I hope everyone is finding some peace during the flurry of the holidays.  If you didn't get a chance to read "In the Flurry of the Holidays,"    click here for simple things you can do to ease the chaos.

Right now Mercury is in retrograde until December 23rd. Additionally, there are only a few days left to autumn. What does that all mean? 
Let's delve in and take a look. Also, don't miss out on my Holiday Sale below!

Elevate Your Consciousness!

Mary Jane

Mercury in Retrograde:
 As the solar system's smallest planet appears to reverse through the sky, you'll hear it blamed for a wealth of frustrating situations, including overspending on new purchases, poorly planned projects, and the feeling of taking two steps back for every step forward. 
In reality, mercury' s back-tracking is a matter of perspective. Its orbit is smaller and faster than the Earth's. When its orbit catches up and passes the Earth, it creates the illusion that it is back-tracking, or moving in reverse. 
Mercury in the Waning of Air and Metal Autumn Season:

Mercury is the messenger in Astrology as in Mythology. It not only rules communication, it represents coordination. Thought processes, ideas, and sensory information from both conscious and unconscious sources all need to be coordinated and understood. Mercury analyzes, sorts, groups, and makes sense of things. How we convey and express our thoughts during mercury retrograde is very different than when the planet is direct. In addition, with mercury retrograde falling within the season of vatta (air) and metal, it sets the stage for how we can successfully navigate through mercury's back-tracking effects.

What to Focus On:

We are approaching the end of autumn with the winter solstice just days away. However, there is a combination of elements coordinating with one another. Air and metal are still active with undercurrents of yin water that birthed in November (Pig month). The air or vatta corresponds closely with the throat chakra and how we choose to communicate with others. It is the voice of reason, authenticity, and truth. The qualities of metal are contractive, precise, organized, thought provoking, and honest while the qualities of water have an ebb and flow, introspective, and persevering impact.

During mercury retrograde, it behooves us to slow down, turn inward and listen. In doing so, it provides the opportunity to reflect on 2017 and intuitively acknowledge the lessons we were served. Listening to others, including our guardian angels, is extremely powerful during this retrograde, as mercury is known as the messenger of the gods. Tune in and listen to the subtle messages from the heavenly realm and don't worry about plotting out your plans for 2018. Instead, tie up loose ends and reflect on all you accomplished in 2017. The peaking yang water Rat branch arrives in full swing next week so stay tuned for what you can expect! 

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Teaching Tortoise School of Classical Feng Shui Discussion.
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Monday, December 11, 2017

Power day for Success!

This is a power day for success! First off, there is a great deal of water flowing in the month pillar with an assist in the day stem and fueling from the day metal branch. What to do with all that water? Get the lines of communication wide open for business strategies. The metal day branch not only fuels this process, but brings clarity, precision, organization and overall know how to any business negotiations today. It is exceptionally powerful as the northwest portent, which is all about networking and potential opportunities, is flooded with a double money star that not only grounds and supports new business ventures, but has the blessings of heaven. This has the potential for automatic increase in finances as long as there is good leadership skills. Few things to do for today:

  • Add virtual water element to the southeast to regulate flow of finances
  • Strong metal sound vibration to the east to ease negative energy
  • Metal element to the south to break up any obstacles with daily goals
  • Fire element to the southwest to secure partnership energy
  • Earth element to the west to stabilize your future vision for today
  • Movement to the NW to activate resources and opportunities
  • Fire element to the north to ease work tension
  • Virtual water element to the center to ease tension between females
Have a great afternoon!
Mary Jne Feng Shui Yoga Girl

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Helping Self and Others This Holiday Season Through Feng Shui

The greatest mentors in life are said to reside in this space such as Mother Teresa, Jesus, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra and Gandhi, just to name a few. These are people who have honored the call to create peace in the world through their skills and talents. They paved the way to higher awareness by leading with their heart. How is life calling you to make a difference?

The helpful people and travel portion of the feng shui ba-gua is about moving forward, whether from one location to another, or a shift in your state of mind. Movement and development of spirit is essential for growth. This sector of the ba-gua calls to action synchronicity - the blessings of being at the right place at the right time. It's about expanding our ability to be compassionate towards self so we can be compassionate towards others. 

This time of year there is a great deal of movement, gathering with family and friends to celebrate the holidays. Albeit a wonderful time, it is also a time that stress levels rise, tempers flare, and compassion takes a back seat to the ever growing list of "things to do."

The energy of the helpful people gua reminds us to refine our truth, be authentic, create beauty around us and live in clarity. That begins with compassion and leads to serving others. Most of in-spirit or what is most commonly recognized as BE INSPIRED!

Where to Find Helpful People Sector:

This is the location of the northwest portent of the home. It's metallic qualities arrive from the universal electricity emitted by the sun and stars. Therefore, metal is a key element for this sector with earth to support it. 

Metal holds the qualities of truth, precision, justice, intuition and an inward or contractive movement. It behooves us to be mindful of these qualities while working with this sector of the bagua so we can bring them into daily living. 

Images of Enhancement:

Note the type of images displayed in this sector. What do they say to you? Do they reflect the aforementioned qualities?  If not, here are a few ideas:

  • Powerful mentors
  • Cultural pieces of artwork
  • Images of places in the world
  • Globe
  • Metal ornamental art
  • Heavenly images


It is best to expound on the elemental qualities of this portent through the choice of color. Metal is the natural home of the northwest with earth being the parent element of support to nourish and fuel it. Therefore, any metallic color hues such as bronze, creamy white, gold, silver, gray, pewter, or copper bode well. Earth tones also apply here such as muted yellow, terra cotta, browns, or tan. Since walls within a home take up a great deal of square footage, then color is a powerful way to activate a portent.


We already ascertained the elements of metal and earth bode well in the northwest sector. Choose accents pieces that contain these elements. For clarity, stone, terra cotta, clay, brick, slate (any stone), and all metals works very well to ground, support and assist in enhancing the qualities of mentoring, travel, guidance received from spirit guides, angels, and God. These elements will also activate those who are called to help you.

This holiday season live in kindness and vibrate the energy of compassion.

Om Shanti,
Mary Jane Kasliner

Monday, November 27, 2017

Yoga & Feng Shui Advice for December 2017: Inaction Within Action!

Photo by Serena Photography - Fairmount Park, Philadelphia

December brings forth a sheng (harmony) cycle of elements from the 7 metal star, to the yang water heavenly stem residing over the yin water rat earthly branch. In nature, all things find a point of equilibrium. Essentially, there is inaction within action. Nature is not the "doer" but rather the "non-doer." This is why we feel so free when experiencing the outdoors.

How to Experience Inaction within Action:

This is a tricky. By and large, we have programmed ourselves to be "doers." Somewhere along the way it was determined the more you do the more you will get out of life. Unfortunately, the opposite is true.

In the Bhagavad Gita, Arjuna, the great warrior, is about to enter the battlefield that represents life, when Krishna tells him: "It is the idea, "I am the doer" that binds one to samskara (emotional imprints that causes suffering). If on the other hand one is a silent witness of their activities, feeling as if " it is done through me," we experience the energy of "I am a non-doer," and free ourselves. 

Putting it Into Perspective:

The energy combinations for the month of December gives us a blueprint of how we can move towards inaction within action. The leading element of metal begins the cycle of movement this month. Metal is seen in the trigram Dui located in the west portal of the loshu grid (Magic Square), noted as the loshu number 7.

The LoShu grid was named after the river Lo in the Henan province in China. According to legend, the river would periodically over flow. A giant tortoise was said to arose from the river with an inscription of trigram markings on its shell. Yu the Great interpreted these markings and developed the Loshu grid. King Wen further developed this grid into the Later Heavenly ba-gua system used in aspects of Feng Shui analysis.

The position of this trigram corresponds to the moon rising, yin elevating, autumn reaching peak, the reaping of our works that took shape from the start of the day, and the beginning of our life. It holds the innocence and playfulness of a child. There is great precision, intuition and truth that stems from this element. There is a calling to move inward and find truth in all that we create. 

Movement of Loshu Number 7:

The ebb and flow of time causes the loshu numbers to shift from their home base. The month of December pushes the trigram Dui (loshu 7) to the center position. When this happens all the other loshu number also shift. This is how change happens. The new home base for this trigram is naturally being fueled by the center of the earth. Every 20 years there is a greater shift in energy causing the loshu numbers to take on potential problematic aspects. Trigram Dui or loshu 7, happens to be in a problematic phase. 

How to Work Inaction Within Action with Loshu # 7:

The first step is to let go of any attachment to the fruits of the actions I am going to list below. When you do this you are ever content, independent and needing nothing. We do nothing even while engaged in action!

  • Reach out to mentors, seek heavenly guidance and be open to new opportunities. Go inward first to attract the right mentor, the spirit guide, and then watch closely. The inaction of the action will catapult fortunate blessings.
  • See yourself as the vessel of your work and how you can make a difference in the world. A newness awaits, ideas manifest deep within like the water tables that fill in the depths of the earth.
  • Take the inward journey through your meditations. The road may seem long but the answers you will receive are like that of white foam in the ocean waves.
Yoga Poses Loshu #7:

Concentrating on poses that open the throat chakra are powerful for this trigram as it corresponds to the mouth and teeth, or how we talk. Poses such as:

  • Halasana- Plough
  • Matsyasana - Fish
  • Ushtrasana - Camel
  • Bhujangasana - Cobra
While practicing these poses keep the mind inactive while the body is active. In asana, if we make the spine rajastic (active), and the head tamastic (inactive), the body and the mind become sattvic (serene). We no longer "do" the pose, the pose is done through us.

Loshu #7 In The Home:

In the center of the home place virtual water such as a seashell. This will effectively tame the problematic aspects of this trigram for the month of December. Here are a few other elemental hints:

  • Place a metal element in the northeast to build the positive energy for your life journey.
  • Place fire and earth elements in the southeast to welcome new opportunities networking potential.
  • In the west place water and wood elements to support creativity for your vision and goals.
  • In the Northwest place strong earth and fire or moving water to propel your connection to resources that lead to financial gain.
Yang Water To Yin Water Rat Earthly Branch:

This is a great deal of water as seen in the 4 pillars (Bazi) for the month of December. The element of water carries the energy of the womb. There is a natural introspective and emotional nature to this element. There is also a downward pull to water as seen in nature with rain or snow. Albeit water can be nourishing, it also has a tendency to deteriorate. That can show up as being overly lethargic or destructive in the way you communicate with others.

The rat earthly branch is very active especially when it comes to the mind working overtime. This is going to really challenge us this month to find that QUIET mind; the inaction within action. This agitation can quickly turn into impatient. 

How to Find Inaction Within Action for the Water Rat:

Since we are dealing with so much water with this combination, emotions are going to run high this month. I suggest adding to your yoga practice poses that work directly with the navel chakra. Here are some suggestions:

  • Navasana - Boat Pose
  • Virabhdrasana 1 - Warrior 1
  • Sun Salutations

Adding these poses to your practice will also bring a little yang energy to the overwhelming yin component of water this month.

For further information on how to utilize the 5 elements in design effectively see my Feng Shui Designs in a Flash E-Program.


Mary Jane

Friday, November 17, 2017

Feel Your Yoga Friday -Twisting Crescent Lunge!

Twisting Crescent Lunge or parivrtta anjaneyasana, comes in many different forms. My Saturday morning yogis capture the asana my with arms in full extension. Here are some of the benefits of practicing this pose.

  • Strengthens the quadriceps and gluteus muscles
  • Stimulates the abdominal organs
  • Improves digestion and elimination
  • Stretches the psoas and hips
  • Relieves sciatica pain
Stay strong through the back leg by hugging muscle to bone and pressing firmly through the ball of the back foot. Extend the tailbone down towards the earth and find lift through the spine. Release the shoulder blades down the back while externally rotating the upper arm bones. Twist come from the base of the spine as you extend the arms out from the center point of your heart. Stay for 5 breaths and release.

Mary Jane Feng Shui Yoga Girl: 

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Feng Shui and the Senses!

What we see affects us positively or negatively, or even subconsciously so we may not be aware of the effect. If we surround ourselves with beautiful views, images, colors and an interesting environment, we are more likely to lead full and happy lives.

Wherever the ancient Chinese had a wall, there would be a window or "Moon Gate", so you could experience the views of the outside world and open up future possibilities. This is why it is so important to manicure your property so the image you see from your windows is a pleasant one.

What you see impacts you on so many levels. Take the time to choose your colors, artwork and other design accents with care. Make sure they are symbols that have meaning to you and are uplifting.

Sight Enhancers:

  • Natural Light Source: There is nothing better and more effective than natural light source when it comes to enhancing your environment. Clean windows, intact screens and window treatment that allows sunlight in during the day and can shield night light pollution in the evening is perfect.
  • Crystals: Color resonates with us on both a conscious and a subconscious level, and can effect our moods. The combination of crystal and light creates a wonderful dancing pattern within a room and bodes especially well in areas that are dark and stagnant.
  • Color Glass Panels: In a window can bring life to a room. These panels also provide a level of privacy and are ideal in bathrooms or side doors which look out on to a wall.


Sound is such a powerful element in feng shui. We all connect to sound whether soothing background music, the rustle of leaves or birds chirping. They all have a therapeutic effect on us. Pleasant sounds soothe and refresh the mind, body and spirit.

Sound Enhancers:

  • Wind Chimes: Are fabulous to hang outdoors and bring energy to an otherwise stagnant area of the property. The sound can easily travel through open windows and create a relaxing internal environment.  
  • Grandfather Clock: The deep-toned, soothing ticking of a grandfather clock is a reassuring sound.
  • Water: The sound of gently bubbling water can be relaxing and energize an area with auspicious stars (flying star technique). Water does bode well in the north, east and southeast as it naturally assists and fuels the elements associated with those directions.

Too often disregarded, touch is as vital as the other senses and is linked to our primeval desire to be in contact with the earth. The tactile sensations in our homes affect our feelings of comfort and security. The materials with which we surround ourselves in our homes make a considerable impact on us.

Touch Enhancers:

  • Velvet furnishings and accessories feel wonderfully luxurious.
  • Plants add sacred geometry to an environment along with texture.
  • Wooden objects are smooth to the touch and relax the body.
  • Different textured fabrics add character to a room and have tactile appeal.
  • Pets stimulate and relax the body and space.


    This is not a simple one to describe in terms of feng shui but it does impact our well-being. We are what we eat. Our diet directly affects our health. Using yin and yang and the 5 Chinese elements in the kitchen can have a tremendous impact on health. In my 4 Pillars Astrology assessments for clients, I can determine what elements are lacking or excessive. Food source is a way to balance out the element percentage you are born with. Buying local organic food makes a difference when it comes to a healthy environment and a healthy body.


    The power of the sense of smell is tremendous. Who can fail to be tempted by an aroma of freshly baked bread. Our homes also have a unique smell. First impressions make an impact and if our homes smell less than fresh, this can impact how comfortable we and our visitors feel there. It is fabulous when a subtle smell of flowers waft in from a nearby garden or essential oils.

    Smell Enhancers:

    • Fresh baked goods
    • Scented oils
    • Plants
    • Fruit
    • Fresh potpourri
    • Fresh flowers


    Color is a vibration and we each respond to it on many levels. It can be used to enhance spaces or evoke emotions. When we use color we are also working with light since light contains all colors, each with its own frequency. The light quality depends on the aspect, the size of windows and how they are decorated. The materials we use on the floors and in décor have the ability to reflect , transmit and absorb light.

    Colors & Meaning:

    White: Symbolizes new beginnings, purity and innocence. It is fantastic color to support cleanliness and freshness. It bodes well in bathrooms and kitchens.

    Black: This is a mysterious and independent color. This color should only be used as an accent in décor.

    Brown: This is a color that grounds and stabilizes like the element of earth. Works well in areas that are compromised with water (laundry/bathroom), that are located in the center of the structure.

    Orange: This is a powerful and cheerful color and encourages communication and concentration. Living rooms and dining rooms work well in this color but best not to use in smaller spaces.

    Pink: Is linked with purity of thought and happiness. It bodes well for a girls room.

    Purple: Encourages vitality and has a dignified and spiritual essence. It is a perfect color for meditation rooms.

    Blue: This is a peaceful and soothing color linked also with spirituality. Meditation rooms, therapy rooms (office space) or in family rooms work well in with this color.

    Green: Symbolizes growth, fertility and harmony. It is a very optimistic color and does bode well in bedrooms, therapy rooms (office environment), conservatories and bathrooms.

    Yellow: This color is associated with enlightenment and intellect stimulating the brain and digestion. Suitable for hallways, offices and kitchens.

    Red: This is a very stimulating color that can reduce a size of a room and increase the size of objects. It is associated with warmth and prosperity. You should avoid this color in bedrooms, kitchens and bathrooms.

    Every color is associated with the 5 core Chinese elements. These elements are also associated with the 8 compass directions. This makes it easier to choose your color palette when designing your rooms. For more details on how to design your home or office with the proper color choices refer to my Feng Shui Designs in a Flash CD for step-by-step instructions.

    Enjoy tapping in to your senses through your environment this spring. Make some changes inside and out and feel the difference in your mind, body and soul.

    Mary Jane Kasliner - Feng Shui Yoga Girl