Monday, February 24, 2020

Improve Your Business Feng Shui Style

You can peruse the internet and find many tips on how to improve your business. Everything from keeping an accurate financial score, to setting goals, effective marketing techniques, motivating tactics, knowing your limits and taking a break are all excellent strategies. It is also important to evaluate the energetic qualities of your business environment too. Why? The environment plays a significant role in how you and your employees operate. Obviously, this is a factor that will impact your bottom line.

The Office Situation:

One of the most important aspects for a supportive environment is the location of the office building. From traditional feng shui measures, the structure should have supportive buildings or landscaping to the sides and rear. The front of the building should have adequate space and a sign carrying the company name.

Access is another factor to consider. Obviously the nature of the business, number of visitors, deliveries, etc. all have an impact here. Adequate parking is also a consideration especially for businesses that are situated on urban freeways as many visitors are likely.

Road configurations also have a part in overall company success. By and large, buildings located on crossroads tend to do very well, since traffic approaches them from two different directions. On the other hand, T-junctions or cul-de-sacs don't fare well as traffic travels straight towards the structure and is seen as being under constant attack.

Landscaping features are extremely important to surround the building. This aides in attraction for employees and visitors alike while providing a barrier between the structure and the road.

Harnessing Energies:

From a feng shui perspective, different types of energy emanate from directions. Therefore, the facing direction of the building plays a significate role on how you can set up and arrange the company departments. For example, new companies bode exceptionally well with eastern facing front. It is fantastic for generating new business and setting company roots. The south direction bodes well for dynamic marketing teams, while the southwest naturally supports human resources. The northwest is great for company networking, the north for storage or counselling department.  The western portent can work two-fold; either finance department or if the company has a creative team they will work well in this direction. The southeast suggests growth and movement and therefore is great for brainstorming, new ideas and snap decision-making processes, while the northeast is receptive and productive fostering research and development.

Signs & Logos:

The importance of signs and logos can not be over-emphasized. Essentially, this is the company's identifiable face to the world. The style of lettering, color and material of signs are all predicated on the facing direction and Five Elements. It is important to consider the height, proportion and positioning of all signs and logos in relation to the building structure.

Floor Plans:

The most effective way to layout your office is to utilize an architectural floor plan and apply feng shui techniques. This can effectively position employees, break room, bathroom facilities, reception area, the employer, and all other ancillary offices. Furthermore, it can assist in choosing materials, colors and proper company images.

Other Components:

Yin and yang act together to create movement and balance in the world. In the office yin and yang relate to layout and décor, but also can determine various activities. For example, the boardroom or chief executive office tend to be more yin in décor with heavier pieces of furniture, artwork and other pleasing reflections of the company's work, whereas daily decision-making or implementing policies should be more yang - brighter, lighter features with sleek lines. In these busier areas plants and water features can draw wealth symbolically while softening the otherwise yang feel.

Air Quality:

By and large, office buildings are designed with sealed double-glazed windows to keep the damp and cold out, but at the same time prevent fresh air from entering. Dry air circulation can create throat irritation, respiratory issues, fatigue, eye irritation and headaches. To counteract such designs, it is important to infuse natural materials throughout the environment. Window treatment, flooring, paints, lighting and furnishings are just some simple measures that can be instituted in the design process.

Plants are also an excellent way to clean the air. Here is a basic list of plants that should be included in the office environment.

  • Lady Palm
  • Dragon Tree
  • Rubber Plant
  • Peace Lily
  • Golden Pathos
  • Boston Fern

Putting it Together:

Running a successful company is no easy feat. However, when you take charge of your environment you'll be amazed how everything else falls in alignment. Creating an atmosphere that is welcoming and inspiring is powerful when it comes to attracting and maintaining talented employees and serious clients. Whether you are an employer or an employee take the time to assess your work environment and make the necessary changes to support your main asset; your staff and yourself.

Mary Jane Kasliner is a master feng shui consultant and business owner. For more information visit her website at

Monday, February 17, 2020

2020 Is The Year of Creativity!

7 Metal - Trigram Dui

The year 2020 reveals the trigram Dui or 7 Metal. This trigram is associated with creativity, intuition, psychic influence, and the innocence of a child. Dui trigram represents young female energy eager to create from a place of true passion. This trigram is deeply enrich with the energy of waterways like the lakes and streams that run along the base of mountains. It's a reminder to live from a place of peace, calmness, and a sense of playfulness while being enriched by the resources that nature provides.
 All things operate and have the ability to transform and grow when yin and yang are balanced.  Since the element of metal arrives in 2020 from both polar points, it motivates change, growth and to transform your life by taking the time to pause, listen, hear and connect to your highest aspirations – those things you are passionate about.  Then, take these aspirations and align them to your worldly actions. By keeping your intentions in alignment with what is most important to you, you will remain anchored to your true self even during the turbulent times. For all this to happen, you must lay the seeds down and nurture them and trust your ability to create is based on the purity of your thoughts and words. There is power in the “word.” Truth will be extremely important as the downside to this trigram is untruth, deception and lies. This may come from others you encounter, or from not trusting your own greatness.

As previously mentioned, the trigram Dui also relates to intuition. This is a good year to rely on your intuition. Let that be you guide in making decisions and the changes you choose to make throughout the year in your personal and professional life. It is also the energy of children. Take time when you can and observe children at play. Perhaps go to a park and just sit and watch. Children can teach adults a great deal when it comes to working in a creative way. Even how to look at things from a whole different perspective.

Dui is also related to the teeth, mouth and skin so these areas can be more vulnerable in 2020. Furthermore, the metal organs (lungs, large intestines and colon) can be vulnerable to stagnant energy especially in their meridians. Eating foods that follow the metal element would bode well this year and especially in the first half of 2020. Here are some metal foods to consider: onions, turnips, grains, celery root, peaches, cumin, ginger, thyme, garlic, chicken, radishes.

Dui trigram enters the center of the loshu or the center of any structure this year. As a result, the remaing trigrams will move to other portent (houses). The impact is unique for each home and can determine a great deal of what you can expect living in that dwelling for the year. Aspects such as health, finances, goals, partnerships, new creations, assistance from others, career and knowledge seeking are all impacted by this shift.

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Mary Jane Kasliner
Feng Shui Master
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