Thursday, October 31, 2013

BSA Feng Shui Tip: 

Is the male energy in the home being thwarted? Challenges with career and finances for him? Check the Dragon side of the home to make sure there is enough energy there to give male power. If not, you need to yang that side of the property up and also internally with larger imposing furnishings.

Mary Jane

BSA Feng Shui Astrology - 

Today is a yang metal Horse day. Rats should take caution today. Yang metal stem and fire branch are in clash. Emotions are held inward today and that can result in stress. Best to release that stress with activity. The horse branch will naturally get you up and running for some exercise this afternoon so take advantage of this to blow off some steam. The metal stem will provide excellent focus and intuition when working this morning. Make sure to infuse some flexibility with where you stand on a situation. The combination of the heavenly stem to earthly branch brings about a very confident and ambitious energy.Just be careful of being too impulsive.

Mary Jane