Wednesday, May 31, 2017

June 2017 Feng Shui & Yoga Forecast

June 2017 Feng Shui & Yoga Forecast.

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June is the month of the Yang Fire Horse, the summer solstice, and the literary star (4 Xun). The element of fire is at its peak, so get ready to fill your days with action, adventure, transformation and illumination.

The Fire Horse:
Fire represents a host of things from the color red, hot weather, the sense of touch, the heart, eyes, small intestines, our soul's path, accolades and our reputation. It is an element that sparks all life and brings clarity to any situation. The active side of fire is spontaneous and hard to control while the passive side is easily directed to serve our needs.

The fire element has a natural capacity to lead; a decisive and confident energy. Therefore, this month there is a natural capacity to motivate people and bring ideas to fruition. There is a tendency however to be aggressive and dominate others with your own ideas and creativity. There is also a greater tendency to take risks and move to pioneer new trails.  It's important to tighten the reins on your emotions as forceful ambitions can make you inconsiderate and impatient. Curb impulsiveness for your own good and realize that diplomacy goes a long way.

The fire stem meets the horse for a rather flamboyant and adventurous nature. Change is welcomed through sheer willpower. Distractions can easily hold you back from accomplishing all you would like so make sure you stick to your "to do" list for best outcome. Competition is likely but that will not deter you from your path. Just know the horse can be rather unpredictable. With that being said, expect crazy things to unfold in relationships and on the job. Remain agile and passionate in your approach to business dealings. Exercise is important this month so get out there and embrace the outdoors. The more strenuous the activity the better. This goes for mental activity as well. You may find people are quick to make decisions and very flexible and open- minded.

*What to Learn from the Horse:

  • Be quick and come to the point when interacting in business
  • Think in terms of new ideas and approaches
  • Pursue lofty goals
  • And most of all...Take some time to smell the roses!

The 4 Literary Star:

This month the focus is on literature, writing, the arts and theater. This is a creative flowing type of energy, when combined with the Horse month, can really fuel great ideas that spread easily. From a feng shui perspective, this is the trigram of Xun; the eldest female, the element of wood and the wind in nature. Wood is expansive, but in this yin polarity takes on a softer and more gentle approach. In other words, it is the slow growth that begins to bloom into full expression. It represents the thighs and pelvic region of the body, so these areas can be more vulnerable to injury this month. This trigram also represents fortunate blessings and wealth. Therefore, a greater chance exists for financial return for your creations.

Areas of Concern:

Place a metal element here on June 6th and remove by July 7th to ease the negative star residing here for the month. This star can cause family tension and abdominal illness for male.

Northwest: Metal sound vibration is helpful to break up this negative star that can result in chaos especially for eldest male (patriarch). This can impact networking and  potential deals for financial return. You can remove the metal vibration by July 7th.

Northeast: Virtual water cure to alleviate potential theft. This star can also cause you to question yourself bringing about uncertainty. Remove cure by July 7th.

Areas to Highlight:

Southeast: Drum up new business. Add water and fire element to add movement and stability to finances. Remove cures by July 7th.

South: Run with your services and reputation to corner the market in your business. Bring clarity and vision to your goals this month by adding strong fire element here. Remove by July 7th.

Career focus for female this month. See the big picture. Add metal element to this sector and remove by July 7th.

West: Keep the creativity flowing and have some fun while you are at it. Add earth to this direction and remove by July 7th.

North: Fine tune your goals and vision for career longevity. Add wood here and remove  by July 7th.

Yoga This Month!

With fire at its peak this month it is natural to engage in practices that illuminate the 3rd chakra, manipura. Manipura is about tapping into our raw potential, our God-given gifts bestowed upon us entering this earthly plane. By utilizing theses gifts to serve others we walk the dharmic path - our soul's mission. Here are a few poses to include in your practice.

  • Sun Salutations, Warrior Poses 1, 2 & 3, Plank, Bow, Child's Pose and Corpse                                                                

Happy June! (new construction)

Daily Energy Foreccast Plus Feng Shui Tip!

Happy Wednesday! Today the yang earth stem meets up with the fire horse branch. The earth and fire blend well for grounding movement. In other words, there is sound decision making before jumping directly into something new. The earth quality today is about functional and practical aspirations. Deductive powers and solid reliable pursuits bode best. Organization and effective planning will propel you to the next level. Reinforce the foundation of whatever you are working on before anything else as this will create lasting results.

As the earth stem moves towards the horse branch this afternoon things may move at a slower pace. You'll want to consider all sides of a question before acting. Once you weigh the pros and cons, you'll be able to assess the competition more effectively. There is a tendency to be overly capricious about little things that will make it more difficult to make up your mind. Don't over think it and go with your gut reaction.

Energy Combinations To Look Out For:

  • The energy is strong today for marketing and teaming up with others for services offered to the public. Add strong fire element to the south to take advantage of this combination.
  • Real estate transactions bode well today. Enhance the Northeast with strong fire and look closely at contracts before signing.
  • Time to revisit your resume. Determine a strategy for long term career growth and then stick with it. Add strong wood - thriving plant to the north sector today to capture this combination.

Feng Shui Tip:

Make a Pot Pourri using the leaves of dried herbs or dried flower pedals. Examples are: sage, pine, bergamot, bay, rosemary, rose geranium, lavender, lemon verbena, peppermint. Mix in an attractive bowl with ground gloves and cinnamon, with a little ground orris root added as a preservative. Stir the pot pourri occasionally to release scents. Revive it from time to time by sprinkling with a few drops of essential oil.

Scent is a powerful way to raise the energy in your environment. It activate the ancient part of our brain that is responsible for emotion and perception. It is a terrific way to enhance mood and the flow of energy in your home or office.

Mary Jane Kasliner

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Thursday, May 25, 2017

Improve Air Quality with Feng Shui

Improve air quality in your home with feng shui principles. According to the US Environmental Agency, the concentration of toxins can be more than 200 times greater inside buildings than outside. The prime requisite is to keep the home well ventilated by opening windows regularly. Use house plants; a feng shui favorite, as a means of filtering the air. If central heating and good insulation make the atmosphere too dry, water in unglazed terracotta vessels above or near radiators will help to redress the balance. Some additional measure you can take to make the home environment healthier, and therefore more relaxing, include:

  • Use few chemical products
  • Use herbs and essential oils to scent the air
  • Use natural materials whenever possible for furnishings and decoration
  • Ban smoking
  • Use air ionizers to boost the level of negative ions in the air - salt candles and lamps are a feng shui favorite!
Just by adding some natural elements in design, nature's essence, and improving the air flow in your home can create a more relaxing and healthy environment.

                                                                Mary Jane Kasliner

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Daily Energy and Feng Shui Tips on Water Positions

Today is a good day to be practical and not engage in any grand activities. It is really best to engage in self reflection and revisit your life goals as the energy combinations for the northeast and south are relatively auspicious opening the areas of your life that pertain to inner wisdom and soul's mission/life goals.

The yin metal stem combines with the water pig branch for a sheng cycle of elements. The metal pig is proud and passionate and values his reputation. Therefore, the aforementioned suggestion of revisiting your goals and soul's mission plays into the metal pig. The metal pig is also very trustworthy so open up to others who may act as a guide on your path. Endurance and perseverance is every important as you embark on your path today. Be positive and utilize your excitement and energy to carve out a new direction if need be.

Water Positions:

Water is an extremely propitious element in feng shui representing the flow of qi or life force energy in and around your environment. From a flying star perspective, the water star represents the wealth and material prosperity of the occupants. It is always best moving water is located in the front of the structure to attract new and vibrant energy to the structure and surrounding land. Albeit, a thorough analysis is always recommended to make sure you are not awakening a negative positioned star.

From a bagua compass position, the southeast bodes well to stir up activity for wealth and fortunate blessings. A beautiful suggestion is earthenware jars that continually overflow with water symbolically representing wealth for generations. It also provides a soothing background sound.

Mary Jane Kasliner

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Daily Astrology and the Feng Shui of Managing Your Space

There is an interesting mix of energy combinations for today. First off, from a flying star perspective, the northeast is loaded with auspicious stars. This bodes well for real estate transactions with financial gain. Just take your time to evaluate everything and do your research for best results. Add moving water and strong fire elements to capture the benefits.

Areas to keep quiet are the southwest and center of your space today. Strong metal sound vibration bodes best. Things may get chaotic causing tension in relationships so it pays to really take things slow especially when it comes to partnerships and legal dealings.

The 4 pillars position for today consists of the yang metal stem to the earth dog branch. The metal dog is all about independence and financial security. Look for investment opportunities today but nothing that requires a risky venture. Continue to strive for excellence no matter what you are involved in. The energy easily supports this approach and behavior.

Tips on Managing Your Spaces:

  • Clear out your clutter - including your wardrobes, drawers and cupboards. Discard accumulated rubbish so the things you treasure need and treasure can breathe.
  • Give to a thrift store - or charity collection. This is a great way to combine a clear out with a generous civic gesture.
  • Recycle. The amount of waste that we produce stresses the planet and disrupts our links with nature.
  • Repair things when possible. Take a more relaxed attitude and make do with things that are less than pristine but still in perfect working order.
  • Have a tiny job day b doing all the little chores around the house that arte pricking your conscience on a daily basis.
  • Touch up paintwork. A few hours spent spot-treating scuffs and marks will enhance your home environment and subtly boost your peace of mind.
  • Clean your windows. Smears or other marks on glass may be a trivial blemish, but they interpose themselves between yourself and the outside world and are therefore a constant reminder of minor neglect and subliminally stressful.

Mary Jane Kasliner

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Daily Astrology - Establish Day!

The combination of energy today is beneficial for starting a new job, or assuming a new position at work. Business transactions are also beneficial today as well as networking and visiting with friends.

The star combinations are fantastic in the northeast and north especially. Research and development results in financial gain. The end result is movement in career whether it is a bump in salary or shift to another professional organization.  Support these energy combinations by placing fire element in the northeast along with moving water, and metal and earth elements in the north.

The wood snake is extremely active with projects and developing new ideas for business. Intellectual freedom is imperative with this combination and will attract others to join in on business venture. Do your research and cross-reference everything.

Feng Shui Tip of the Day:

Reflect the spring and summer season in your home. Bring in tones and textures for this time of year. Bright fresh blooms, a clean water fountain and essential oil sprays all bode well to lift the internal energy to match that of the outdoors!

Mary Jane Kasliner

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Simple Things for a Peaceful Outdoor Environment

There are so many simple things you can do in creating a peaceful outdoor environment. Here are just a few to get you started:

  • Paint garden ornaments with yogurt to encourage lichens.
  • Feed the birds in your garden. Helping wildlife is always good karma.
  • Install a water feature, such as a small pond in your garden. Cultivate water lilies on the surface of the water to symbolize abundance.
  • Make an arbor in your garden or backyard by trailing fast-growing climbers over a simple timber framework. Place a garden seat beneath your arbor to give you some shade in the summer months.
  • Plant an herbal peace garden, perhaps positioning clumps of herbs to make the shape of a dove, a heart or some other symbolic device.
  • Plant a tree or grow your own vegetables.

Have some fun creating a beautiful and peaceful outdoor environment!

Mary Jane Kasliner

Monday, May 15, 2017

The Element of Fire is Building!

The element of fire is building this time of year. It is the most powerful of all the elements. Here are just a few things that fire teaches us:

  • Clarity and insight
  • Being present
  • To be joyful
  • To use power in a constructive way
  • Not to conform but to transform
Fire is an element that bodes well in the south, northeast and southwest portents. Use this element wisely. Don't overdo this element as it can create a dramatic movement of energy. Less is always more but yet has a tremendous impact.

Fire Elements Include:

  • Lighting
  • Incense
  • Candles
  • Animals & people images
  • Leather and flet materials

Daily Astrology Energy:

  • Adding the element of fire to the northeast bodes well today for inner growth by way of meditation.
  • Lead with positivity today when networking for potential new opportunity. Adding the element of metal to the northwest will catapult the connection to right people.
  • Communications are strong this morning with the water stem. Be flexible and listen carefully for best outcome in negotiations.
  • The combination of water to wood tiger fuels growth when it comes to navigating new ideas. Rely on intuition as this will be your strongest guide for today.
  • Overall, today is a good day to receive the benefits from your hard work.
Mary Jane

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Daily Energy Forecast plus Tips!

This is a fantastic day energetically. It is considered a day to initiate new projects and take on new business proposals. The yang earth stem is exceptionally stable thus making important decisions easy to do. If you are presenting ideas today come from a perspective of stability rather than "take a risk" for reward concept. The earth stem combination to the dog branch is a very trustworthy combination and filled with the qualities of perseverance and fortitude. Others will be loyal to you and your ideas today so take advantage of this by putting it all on the line.

Energy  Combination Tips:

We hit the trifecta when it comes to inner knowledge, career and networking today. Here's what to do to take advantage of these combinations:

  • Northeast add fire, money and movement
  • North add metal elements
  • Northwest add earth elements
When addressing career goals today use your intuition and network with those who will show you the way!

Mary Jane Kasliner

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Feng Shui Daily Energy Plus Tips!

Today is a yin fire rooster day and considered to be a good day for long term activity, plan or strategy. Noting however that 2017 is also a yin fire rooster so that is a lot of fire over metal requiring the element of earth to stabilize this conflict. Therefore, it is important any decisions made today come from a position of strength and firm ground.

Fire is about clarity, vision and goals that work for your ultimate path. Revisit why you are doing what you do. This is an element that is kindled in the solar plexus chakra (manipura), corresponding to our raw potential. Are you using your natural talents in a way that produces an outcome? If not, why not?

The double rooster today may spark impulsivity especially with double fire. Be willing to take constructive criticism as it will work to your benefit. No need to be blunt towards others as you can still achieve your position without pressing it.  Be tactful and organize your thoughts and actions for greater success.

Tips for Today:

  • Minimize travel
  • Avoid disagreement with matriarch
  • Activate relationships with those who can promote you
  • Come back to your career goals

*Remove one item in your environment that isn't working for you and replace it with something that does.

Mary Jane Kasliner

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Daily Energy Forecast - May 9th 2017

Today is considered a balanced day and therefore things should go relatively smoothly. Sharing your concerns or feelings with someone you feel could benefit from them bodes well. The element of fire is strong this morning. Tap into new marketing themes and refine your goals. The fire hangs above the metal Monkey branch. This is a uncomplimentary cycle of elements that ultimately causes underlying tension. Remain grounded today by taking your time to think things through. Meditation, yoga, qigong or gardening bodes well to stabilize this energy.

The fire monkey is a very powerful combination. Take advantage of the monkey's wise nature and the ability to problem solve with ease. There is a tendency however to jump from one project to another. Again, ground down and remain focused.

Very strong energy in the northeast and northwest today with fair energy to the north. Therefore, rely on inner wisdom when it comes to your networking and career today.
It is a good day for business and any type of renovation work.

Mary Jane Kasliner

Friday, May 5, 2017

May Forecast 2017

Yin Wood Snake - May 2017

The month changes at exactly 3:42 PM today when the yin wood heavenly stem meets the snake branch. Let's take a look at how these energies play out for today and for the month.

Stem - Yin Wood:

Wood is an active element representing growth, vitality, ethics and self-confidence. Interest this month will be wide and varied. Expansive by nature, you'll want to do things on a grand scale. Organization and apportion separate matters into correct categories and work orders is essential this month. Taking on long-term large projects is fine but know it will bode best to bring others on board. Branching out and diversifying is a plus this month. Financial support is readily available as it will be easy to convince others to join in on your idea. One drawback with wood is a tendency to bite off more than you can chew. Be mindful of what you can  realistically handle.

Snake Branch:

The snake is a deep thinker, wily financier and philosopher. Wisdom is the name of the game when it comes to the snake. Relying on your own judgement is key this month as well as paying your dues. Matters may arise that cause you to feel skeptical but go with the flow to avoid undo stress. You may feel it necessary to put up your guard this month, but know that is only the energy of the snake who has issues when it comes to trusting others.

Wood Snake Combination:

This is a strategic combination that has a true understanding of what is going to prevail in the course of events. Intellectual freedom this month is a must. Emotional stability and financial security are top priorities. It is easier to attract what you need this month as the wood snake combination acts like a magnet. Good judgment and detective work make for excellent investment strategies. Spend time  appreciating the arts this month.

Full Chart Combination:

The Snake month branch forms a six combinations with the hour branch of the Monkey. The result is the element of water. For today (5/5/17), that adds strength for good communication in deals.

The Rooster year branch combines with the Dragon day branch and releases the element of metal to build strength when it comes to leading others and managing situations.

The Snake month branch to the year Rooster branch forms a semi-earth trine this month. This results in the element of metal. This is an element that can cut or destroy or lead with precision. The choice is yours. The most effective way to utilize the metal influence is to organize your thoughts and come up with a strategic plan to lead others towards reaching your goals.

The Monkey hour branch to the Rooster year branch also creates a directional semi-trine, and this too releases the element of metal. Mental processes this month is extremely important for the most effective outcome.

The wood Snake releases fire in the 5-melodotics pointing to wealth prospects for this month.

A heavenly noble is formed this month between the day stem of yang water and the Snake month branch. Therefore, a benefactor may appear when one is in trouble. This could simply mean you assist someone today who is in need of help.

Post Horse is formed between the Rooster year branch to the month Snake branch. This month be aware of travel. Take precautions.

The Stars:

The stars find their natural home this month with the 5 landing in the central palace of the loshu. Therefore, each star trigram receives assistance from its' home.

The 5 earth star is a very difficult star and especially during this 20-year cycle. This star essentially creates chaos, potential legal issues and illness. Not a very good combination of energy. When the 5 star arrives in the center of the structure it is best not to engage in any major decisions such as:

·       Purchasing real estate

·       Moving

·       New business venture

·       Travel

·       New career

Since the center is represented by the element of earth, this star is naturally assisted. Obviously, this is not good.  Because this star is located in the center, then all occupants tend to experience the effects of this energy. 
It is best to keep the area quiet and ring a bell frequently to disperse the negative energy.

Positive Areas:
North - Career is flowing this month. Keep the energy moving here with water or metal elements.
Northeast - Finances are a given. Support with fire and movement.
Northwest - Network and lead with grace. This will catapult into new business ventures.
South - Tap into your soul's mission, vision and goals. Support with strong wood.

Questionable Areas:
East - Family gathering can be intense this month. Elders will show their strength. New business is likely. Add fire to calm the qi.
Southeast - Female disturbance in relationship is possible. Literature research is strong  for financial gain. Add fire to tame this energy.

Problematic Areas:
Southwest - Abdominal disturbance and relationship strain. Add metal to drain this energy.
West - Skin, mouth irritation and cutting remarks from female. Virtual water to lessen the effects.
Center: Overall chaos and/or legal issues. Metal vibration - ringing bell frequently.

Yoga & Meditation:

Since the central palace has a disturbance, it is best not to take on any new or strong yoga practices this month. Stick with free flowing classes and asanas (poses) that you are comfortable with. This isn't a month to explore a challenging pose.
Your meditation practice should be strong and regular to balance the otherwise chaotic 5 star. Choose to meditate in any of the positive areas mentioned above. It is best to stick with a regular routine so you remain grounded.

Working the root chakra for stability bodes well. Standing poses such as mountain pose, warrior 2 and pyramid pose bode well this month. Practice engaging the root lock by squeezing the pelvic floor throughout your practice.

Happy May!

Mary Jane Kasliner

Month Changer Day!

Today, the month changes from the dragon to the snake but that doesn't happen until 3:42pm. Look for my monthly forecast later today when the energy actually shifts! In the meantime, today is considered an establish day. This is a perfect day for starting a new job or new position at work. It is also a perfect day for initiating business dealings and transactions.

Keep you eye on the prize when it comes to marketing and your goals as the energy is extremely active in the south. Add some fire to ease the otherwise moveable star.

Career is positive for today and much financial potential gain overall. Place strong earth in the center to activate a wonderful money combination.

The yang water dragon combination today makes for strong communications and favors growth and expansion. Live by your own philosophy today for best results. Act wisely  and do what is essential for progress from a strong rooted foundation.

Mary Jane Kasliner

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Sacred Form in Design is Simple!

There is an old Chinese proverb that says, "When there is order in the house, there is order in the nation, where there is order in the nation, there is peace in the world." Just by putting your house in order you can contribute to a more peaceful world. Here are a few simple ways to create divine harmony and order in your environment.

The Obvious:
  • Less is more!  
  • Organize everything; and I mean everything!
  • Freshen up the paint and furnishings. Fix anything in disrepair.
  • Arrange furnishing for comfort, ergonomics and command.
Fine Tune:
  • Choose paint hues, images, elements and symbol according to compass feng shui philosophy (learn how with any of my mini-series feng shui programs or feng shui design CD.)
  • Add sacred form and symbols to increase the vibration of the environment such as:
  1. Labyrinth
  2. Nautilus shells
  3. Mandala
  4. Spiral designs
  5. Plants
  6. Crystal stones
  7. Landscape artwork
  8. Animal images
  9. Kaleidoscope
  10. Flowers                                

Have some fun and feel great at the same time!

Mary Jane

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Daily Energy Forecast - Open Day!

Today is considered an open day or a perfect day to commence activity in business. The yang metal heavenly stem is about being precise and calculating especially during the morning hours. Financial acumen is strong in business dealings especially. The metal stem is in conflict with the wood tiger branch so best to be flexible and listen before responding in any situation today. Take time to approach problems in a direct way instead of being drastic. The tendency is to act independently today but it may be more beneficial to include others.

Positive Energy Portents:

Double wealth to the west. Add fire and movement - water fountain bodes well.

Strong career vision to the south - Add earth and metal elements and vision board.

Self exploration reveals the answers you've been looking for. Place virtual water to cool down excessive fire in the northeast.

Mary Jane Kasliner

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Daily Energy Forecast - Receive Today!

The combination of energy today makes this a perfect day to receive returns and rewards. The energies promote a positive outcome and return when you are requesting something. The yin earth heavenly stem presides over the ox earthly branch making this a grounding day for hard work. This is an enduring energy balanced in ideals and principles. Remaining practical and industrious is the name of the game today. Fight for advancement and remain determined to reach your intended goals.

Positive Energy Portents:

Real Estate : Energy is fantastic for real estate transaction in the west. Adding strong fire bodes well.

Goals: Strong patterns for following through on vision and goals. Place strong wood to the south.

Inner Relationship: Strong energy for meditation to build self reliance and wealth. Place movement and fire to the northeast.

Mary Jane Kasliner

Monday, May 1, 2017

Daily Energy Forecast - Success Day!

Happy Monday Morning! Today is considered a success day. I love the sound of that! The energies of a success day support all positive endeavors and promote an abundant return. Successful alignment with your goals and nothing but smooth sailing ahead.

Fantastic energy for financial growth located in the west today. Strong fire and movement bodes well. Spend time with updating goals and vision board today as the combination is also beneficial in the south portent. Add strong wood and fire to propel this energy. Add some fire to the southwest to ease the otherwise overly active energy. Matriarch can expect potential windfalls.

The earth rat combination is about promoting your positive strengths today. Maintain good relations with everyone and be loyal to those who support you. Be realistic with achievements today by focusing on one subject at a time. People are less likely to take a chance today so keep that in mind.