Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Daily Energy Forecast - May 9th 2017

Today is considered a balanced day and therefore things should go relatively smoothly. Sharing your concerns or feelings with someone you feel could benefit from them bodes well. The element of fire is strong this morning. Tap into new marketing themes and refine your goals. The fire hangs above the metal Monkey branch. This is a uncomplimentary cycle of elements that ultimately causes underlying tension. Remain grounded today by taking your time to think things through. Meditation, yoga, qigong or gardening bodes well to stabilize this energy.

The fire monkey is a very powerful combination. Take advantage of the monkey's wise nature and the ability to problem solve with ease. There is a tendency however to jump from one project to another. Again, ground down and remain focused.

Very strong energy in the northeast and northwest today with fair energy to the north. Therefore, rely on inner wisdom when it comes to your networking and career today.
It is a good day for business and any type of renovation work.

Mary Jane Kasliner