Friday, December 22, 2017

Expansion of Horizons in Your Home

A landscape painting or print will bring a refreshing openness - literally, an expansion of horizons to any interior, as well as a mood of pastoral tranquility. Some examples include, rustic scenes, sublime wilderness landscapes, snowscapes, water views, forest scenes or ancient Eqypt, which suggests an exotic spirituality, especially if they feature the Pyramids or the Sphinx. These images are particularly effective when transitioning from one room to another or the front entrance, especially if a wall is the first object your body encounters.

Our brains are programmed in such a way that an image can immediately trigger a parasympathetic or sympathetic response to our nervous system. Serene images will effectively activate the parasympathetic mode and relax bodily systems, whereas action oriented images will have the reverse effect and trigger the sympathetic nervous system resulting in a fight or flight mode whereby respiration and heart rate increase. Obviously, the goal is to relax the body and invite a high vibration of energy into the environment so your body can resonate with it.

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