Friday, April 3, 2020

April -- Heavens Gate

April is the month of the trigram Qian--Heavens Gate. Be inspired, help others and seek the unknown. 

--Family is the initiative
--Practice effective communication
--Welcome support
--Read & write more
--Engage in outdoor exercise
--Increase your intake of green leafy veggies
--Add the element of fire to the east portent to keep wood energy balanced this month

Fortunate Blessings:
--Practice gratitude daily
--Be mindful & watchful of finances
--Avoid rash decisions of any kind
--Engage in hip opening exercises
--Set a routine & include a check-list
--Place strong metal & virtual water element to southeast portent for balance this month

Goals & Vision:
--Stay on top of your daily career goals
--Discover innovative ways to approach your mission
--Go with the flow of information you receive
--Spin ideas & remain rooted in your vision
--Tap the minds of those who are experienced
--Be humble yet tenacious
--Add strong wood element to south portent to balance the elements this month

--Be flexible with others
--Accept change & allow relationships to morph
--Be supportive
--Embrace new beginnings
--Collaborate with others
--Practice patience
--Add the element of fire to the southwest portent to blend the elements this month

--Let go of the minutiae
--Take time in silence for spark of inspiration
--Tap into resources that are available to you as they can bring financial gain
--Listen to your intuition
--Set up some rest time - chill out
--Add the element of fire, strong earth and moving water to the west portent to open resources

Heavens Gate:
--Be a leader
--Take on a boundless perspective
--Let go of what others may think
--Be in awe of life
--Learn to trust
--Speak your truth
--Place virtual water element in the northwest portent to balance the elements this month

--Respect and honor your virtual co-workers
--Gain wisdom from others
--Develop courage & fortitude
--Assistance brings success
--Add metal element to north portent for balance

Inner Knowledge:
--Self reliance
--Practice non-attachment
--Create a vision board and seek it often
--Be present
--Place fire element in the northeast portent and assist this powerful energy

Vulnerable Body Systems for April:
--Pelvic/hip - especially left side
--Eye irritation - allergies
--Heart irregularities
--Intestinal discomfort - food source
--Ears - clogged/fluid - allergies - dizziness

Be safe & healthy,
Mary Jane Kasliner

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