Thursday, April 5, 2012

Feng Shui Garden Ponds

Ponds generate peaceful energy

Water is of great importance in feng shui and symbolizes the accumulation of qi, which is synonymous with wealth. Since the weather is really starting to move towards the yang side or become warmer, this is the perfect time to think about adding a pond to your yard.

Water in the Garden

One of the first things to keep in mind when constructing a garden pond is the size in relation to the size of the home and its proximity to the home. Bigger is not necessarily better. Everything in the garden should blend in with the existing landscape features. Try to incorporate natural materials and use curving designs, as these dynamics are in alignment with nature. Make sure there are rocks or ledges that small animals can navigate so they do not get stuck in the pond and drown.

The ideal shape for a pond is irregular as this will imitate a natural pond. The more irregular the shape the more plants and wildlife will thrive in and around it. A pond that is round tends to move the energy too quickly and those that are square tend to shoot energy off the edges. Albeit regular shaped ponds are easier to install, just make sure you soften the structure with more plants around the edges. 

To balance the yin component of the still pond you can add the yang energy of rocks. This combination reflects the mountain and lake formations so important in the study of feng shui. Here are a few basic tips on choosing rockery.
1. Use an odd number of stones.
2. Bury the stones at least 1/3rd into the soil.
3. Place stones according to their graining.
4. Use a flat stone next to an upright one.
5. Choose the most weathered part of the stone to face forward.
6. Keep in mind that rockeries should mirror the natural world.

Water Flow:
There are many theories in feng shui on how water should flow and these can be found in the Water Dragon Classics. The major, common-sense rule for water placement is that is should not flow quickly towards you from a point higher than your house because of flooding concerns. It is deemed auspicious when water trickles towards the home, as this symbolizes wealth rolling in. Trickling water in through the east or in towards personal beneficial directions is also deemed auspicious. In this current period 8 cycle (2004 -2024) it is also auspicious to have water trickling in from the southwest, as this symbolizes  future prosperity.

Have fun and be creative when it comes to putting a pond on your property. You will come to really enjoy the energy it brings into your life.

In Prosperity,

Mary Jane Kasliner - President Body Space Alignment


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