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How to Create a Welcoming Garden

This week BSA discusses How to Create a Welcoming Garden. Whether you are designing an indoor or an outdoor area you'll want to make sure you are really encouraging energy to flow easily throughout the space. Below are a few ideas to help you get started on designing a welcoming garden. Benvenuto!

How to Create a Welcoming Garden

Before you can get started on creating a welcoming feng  shui garden you need to understand a few basic feng shui principles. By following some guidelines you can create a garden that not only feels welcoming, but that actually can bring abundance into your life.

Raising Energy

The main goal in feng shui gardening is to raise the level of qi (energy) in the garden and to make sure that it moves smoothly and freely throughout the garden. You'll want to get rid of barriers like weeds or  overgrown vegetation because they have a way of trapping or stagnating energy.  You'll also want to control energy that is moving too quickly such as long straight pathways. This can be easily done by infusing different foot path materials like wood chips or brick pavers and adding a few border plants with color. It will not only look fabulous but give the energy a place to settle down for awhile.

Directions & Placement

Each of the eight directions have a certain energy that represents element qualities and associated images. This is a great way to get some ideas for different areas of your garden.

East - Wood element - herb garden or eating area
Southeast - Wood element - fruit tree
South - Fire element - Fire pit
Southwest - Earth element - Bistro table & rock garden
West - Metal - bocce set
Northwest - Metal element - weather vane or sun dial
North - Water element - koi pond
Northeast - Earth element - Stone ornament

Balancing Yin and Yang

Yin and yang is the idea that life energy can be passive and active. This is a concept based on complementary opposites. You want to make sure your garden has a blend of these two polarities so it remains in balance - neither too quiet or too frantic. So trim back where you need to and let the sun peak in. Likewise, bring in some shade in overly yang (sunny) areas.

Paying attention to aesthetics, function and design as you plan your garden makes your space more appealing and attractive. You'll find yourself inviting friends over for some fun summer parties or simply slipping into a lounge chair and relaxing yourself.

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