Plan "B"

Every notice every now and again things don't go as you planned? When life surprises us, it is the Universe trying to wake us up. It reminds us that we create the illusion and yoga seeks to rid that illusion of ignorance.

In the pose "Natarajana" (Lord of the Dance), Shiva stands on the dwarf of illusion and dances to his own dance. He doesn't get caught up in the small stuff or what is referred to as "samskaras." These are the patterns we get stuck in. We create the drama and then try to live in the drama. It becomes a vicious cycle. Everything must die to be reborn so we can be liberated.

Dance the dance of the universe and know you are wiser when you set into motion plan "B." Power up your grace, learn to take the good with the bad, think differently and simply move on.

Mary Jane - Feng Shui Yoga Girl -


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