Thursday, January 5, 2012

Clear Your Body & Space

Butchart Gardens ~ Victoria, BC August 2011

This is the perfect time of year to cleanse your body and space of stagnant energy, and today (yin wood ox day), is the perfect day to start the process. Since the law of resonance states: Two energy vibrations will come together and emit a third vibration, then it behooves us to strengthen the vibration of our body and space so the resulting vibration is very high, or in other words healthy. Below are some simple steps to start the clearing process.

Body & Space Clearing:

1. Remove unwanted or broken items from your home. Begin in rooms that you spend most of your time in such as the bedroom or home office. Consider rearranging furnishings once you have de-cluttered. You will be amazed how a space can be transformed by moving a few items around.

2. Gather the following items and place on a table or tray for your clearing process: Candles, incense, bell or chime, flowers, stones, seeds, essential oils and anything else that has deep meaning to you.

3. Take a few moments to become still and quiet the mind. Allow your higher self to take the lead here. Call upon any guardians to guide your spirit. See the breath travel through your blood vessels and awaken each cell in your body. Feel a sense of weightlessness in the physical body as if you can float.

4. Take your sound element of either a bell, chime, drum, etc. and walk through your home allowing the sound to resonate throughout the space. Feel the sound penetrate through your body as well noticing every cell in your body awaken with a humming sensation.

5. Take the incense or a sage stick and walk through the space allowing the smoke to waft. As you walk through the home take time to reflect and allow the incense or herb to surround your body. Let the wafting smoke cleanse your outer body.

6. Take pure water infused with essential oils and either flick it or spray it throughout the space. Now wash your hands and feet in this water. Take a fresh glass of water and drink it slowly. As you drink the water see it fill your body with a bright golden light of energy bathing every muscle, tendon, bone, organ and cell of your body.

7. Come to the center of your space and sit in a meditative position (easy pose - sukasana) with legs crossed. Light a candle and then allow the back of your hands to rest upon your knees while you join your index finger and thumb in gyan mudra. This connects self to higher consciousness or Universal Being. Begin to focus on your breath drawing the prana in through your nose and allowing it to fill your lungs and release through back of throat and out through nose again. With each breath feel the physical body disappear, sense a level of weightlessness and move towards the spirit body. Allow the heart to open and see a green golden light move out from the heart center (anahata) and enfold your entire body. Repeat to yourself, "All is well. I am centered in my being." When the time feels right move away from spirit body and engage in the physical self. Open your eyes, blow out the candle and give thanks for all you have.

8. For the next 3 days spray your home with pure essential oils and eat a cleansing diet of fresh vegetables, fruits and plenty of fresh pure water. See your body and space cleansed and ready to accept all that is yours.


Mary Jane Kasliner Feng Shui Master & Yogi