Monday, January 23, 2012

Great Feng Shui Tips for Your Family Room

The family room can be one of the most active or yang rooms within your home. It's a room used to enjoy interacting with family and friends, so why not make sure this room feels great! Here are a few tips to get your family room in tip-top feng shui shape.

1. Avoid placing seating under sloping ceilings or floating in the room.

2. Incorporate a variety of lighting source for different activities. Make sure you stick with incandescent lighting, natural or full spectrum.

3. Design with natural materials. It's healthier, feels great and evokes sacred geometric lines.

4. Encase electronics in cabinet or armoire. Having these objects as your focal point is not appealing.

5. Screen off any play or work areas that may be shared with this room. This can be done with a decorative screen or floor standing plant.

6. Choose color appropriate to direction, as this will evoke harmony and balance within the space and invite all to sit and relax.

7. Keep exposed bookshelves orderly.

8. Avoid placing towering furniture along side seating areas.

9. Incorporate drapery for warmth and privacy especially during evening hours.

10. Bring in nature's elements such as plants, flowers, seashells and stones.

The next time you gather in your family room you will feel the difference and so will your family and friends.


Mary Jane Kasliner - Feng Shui Master & Yoga Teacher
President - Body Space Alignment
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