Monday, January 30, 2012

Prosperity Knocks

Whether you work from home or in a high rise building, prosperity knocks when you feel and look your best. These days many of us are pulling ten or twelve hour work days. That's a lot of time to be couped-up in any one place let alone in an office. So what can you do to create a healthy work space and a more vibrant you? Here are a few things to get your started. 

Vibrant You:

  • Begin your day with a short meditation. For ease and comfort invest in a meditation cushion (zafu). Find a spot in your home where you can go for 10 or 15 minutes and just get quiet.
  • Do a few light yoga stretches followed by pranayama (breath work). If you have more time then add in some sun salutations or a brisk walk.
  • Recharge your body with a healthy breakfast and 8 ounce glass of water.
  • Play some soothing music on your way to the office.
Healthy Office:

  • Make sure your desk is made of natural materials. All wood is best.
  • Position your desk in command to the entrance with a solid wall backing for you.
  • Have a few plants in the office to purify the air and absorb EMF's.
  • Incorporate symbols and art that relate to your business.
  • Have sufficient filing systems.
  • Add a real water feature of either a water fountain or fish bowl.
  • Use incandescent light source to compliment natural lighting.
  • Avoid stacking papers, books or magazines on surfaces. Instead, have sufficient shelving units to house literature and other resource materials.
  • Place quartz crystal on your desk to keep you grounded while absorbing EMF's.
  • Make sure your accolades are easily seen by you and clients. Best area to display these awards is the south wall.

These are just a few things you can do to create a healthier office and more vibrant you. You will be amazed how quickly prosperity will find you!

Mary Jane Kasliner - Feng Shui Master & Yoga Teacher
President - Body Space Alignment

Friday, January 27, 2012

Feng Shui: Myth or Science?

                                                   Japanese Gardens - Portland Oregon 2011

Feng Shui is a body of ancient Chinese knowledge based on observation from three sources: astronomical, natural phenomena, and human behavior. It represents a holistic view of creating a harmonized environment. Feng Shui can be studied logically and in a scientific way.

Basics: The Land

According to Feng Shui geomancy, the most auspicious site has hills to the back and an opening to the front. These hills were best directionally positioned to the north by northwest acting as a barrier from incoming cold winds and as a protective mechanism from any potential attacks to the village.

The front of a site was open to the south by southeast with water nearby for daily use. These two land form dynamics were seen as essential environmental conditions for early Chinese civilization. Essentially, the success of a village depended on the land it was built upon.

Core Principles:

The core principles of Feng Shui is an integrated and holistic system beginning with the environment (as a whole) – weather, planetary positions, constellations, and land form topography. Man is the receiver of these combined energies. There is a mutual connection between all three factors (heaven – man – earth) and constant interaction, transformation and rebirth. Evaluating the macro/microcosm connection is the key behind a feng shui assessment. Simply put, when man is in flow with nature the result is good feng shui and prosperous living conditions.


We perceive all things in our environment through our sensory systems. Perception of the environment is immediately processed in the limbic part of the brain. Aesthetic appreciation of a built environment then becomes an important concept in feng shui. Beauty of the surrounding environment (land form) and man-made materials (buildings, design, lighting, color, etc.) awakens our sensory organ systems and aligns our personal energy.

In feng shui we aim to create internal and external beauty for a state of balance (yin and yang) or complimenting opposites in the living environment. When these measures are taken into consideration the result is a healthy and balanced space that directly impacts the health of the occupants within the structure.

Timely & Affectionate:

Being in tune with the cycles of nature: the wind, water, tree, soil, mountain, and animal life connects the macro and microcosm as one. When we make a conscious effort to connect body and soul to the environment we live and work in, happiness is apparent and prosperity becomes a way of life.

One can ascertain then feng shui is a basis of living in connection with nature and moving within its natural cycles. When this is achieved, the result is living as "one" with all things. This is how the universe operates; therefore, the idea that feng shui is myth-based is simply foolish.


Mary Jane Kasliner - Feng Shui Master & Yoga Teacher
Body Space Alignment

Monday, January 23, 2012

Great Feng Shui Tips for Your Family Room

The family room can be one of the most active or yang rooms within your home. It's a room used to enjoy interacting with family and friends, so why not make sure this room feels great! Here are a few tips to get your family room in tip-top feng shui shape.

1. Avoid placing seating under sloping ceilings or floating in the room.

2. Incorporate a variety of lighting source for different activities. Make sure you stick with incandescent lighting, natural or full spectrum.

3. Design with natural materials. It's healthier, feels great and evokes sacred geometric lines.

4. Encase electronics in cabinet or armoire. Having these objects as your focal point is not appealing.

5. Screen off any play or work areas that may be shared with this room. This can be done with a decorative screen or floor standing plant.

6. Choose color appropriate to direction, as this will evoke harmony and balance within the space and invite all to sit and relax.

7. Keep exposed bookshelves orderly.

8. Avoid placing towering furniture along side seating areas.

9. Incorporate drapery for warmth and privacy especially during evening hours.

10. Bring in nature's elements such as plants, flowers, seashells and stones.

The next time you gather in your family room you will feel the difference and so will your family and friends.


Mary Jane Kasliner - Feng Shui Master & Yoga Teacher
President - Body Space Alignment
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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Power of Color

The Power of Color

Those of us who practice feng shui or perhaps just dabble with it know the significance color can have in a space. When using color properly one can create a space that is not only in harmony with the elemental directions but empower the occupants within the space. Here are a few insights for how to use color in your space and the impact it can have in your life.

Bedroom: For adult rooms choosing a lighter sensual hue can arouse sexual thoughts and desires. If there is a need to feel more grounded and safe then choose more of an earthy quality especially if the room falls within an earth direction (SW or NE). A child's room, especially females, can take on a more chaste energy of light purples and especially if located in a fire or earth direction of the home. If you feel your children need to take more risks to grow, then move to the green hues especially if the room is located in wood directions of East or Southeast.

Socializing Rooms: You can have some fun with these rooms. Any type of red hues will foster debates and conversation. Just be careful of true red as that can insight arguments. Yellows will inspire optimism while deep violet will build self esteem. Watch out for too much blue as it boost the ego. Whatever color choice just make sure you are working in a sheng or assisting cycle to your direction location.

Kitchen: Your earth qualities move towards healthy meals and encourages cheerfulness. The green family will fuel the fire source of the kitchen while stimulating conversation. Cool whites can be a bit sterile and have you focus too much on metal processes. Try to offset with bright color fruit and vegetable decor. Again, allow the direction to guide your choices.

Other Generalized Color Insights:

Egg-shell or Ivory colors: These colors can temper your emotions and build a sense of security.

Gray: This color tends to be isolating and serious.

Black: This color can evoke a feeling of being empty or void. You tend to take on any energy in the space and this can become depressing.

In general, the darker the color hue the more influences you have on a physical level. Medium hues have a tendency to activate your metal and emotional body while lighter colors move to your intuition and spirit body.

Happy color finding!

Mary Jane Kasliner - Feng Shui Master & Yoga Teacher
Body Space Alignment

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Follow These Simple Steps To Energize Your Space & Body

Energize Your Space & Body

One of the biggest culprits to low energy is indoor air pollution. Many features in home decor contain volatile organic compounds (VOC), formed by petrochemical products. For example, carpets alone can emit hundreds of carcinogens into the air and theses chemicals can release for up to 5 years. Everything from upholstery, window treatment, bedding, paint, flooring and the list goes on can contain chemicals. This is in addition to the insulation, glues, adhesives and other materials used during the building process.

When you are constantly bombarded by these chemicals from your living and working space it will lower your resistance and leave you feeling lethargic. So what can you do? Follow these simple steps and discover how your space and body can feel more energetic.

Simple Steps to Re-energize Your Space & Body 

1. Add a few healthy plants around your home. Plants have the capacity to absorb toxic chemicals and reduce indoor air pollution levels.

2. Place a salt lamp or salt candle in several rooms of your home. The chemical reaction between the sodium and chloride ion when the lamp is turned on will naturally purify the air.

3. The next time you purchase bedding, drapery or other design features look for natural fibers such as organic cotton, sisal or coir to name a few.

4. Keep your windows open. Fresh air is always beneficial to lower the percentage of chemicals in the space.

5. Get a HEPA-filter system. They are very inexpensive, under $50, and they do wonders for reducing the amount of pollutants in the air.

7. Use low VOC or no VOC organic paints. These are easy to find in any hardware store.

6. Practice deep breathing techniques known as pranayama in yoga. These breathing exercises will increase lung capacity and as a result oxygenate the blood better. The more oxygen circulating through your system the better you will feel. A simple pranayama technique is 3 part dirgra breath. Simply sit upright with spine elongated and begin to breathe through the nose deeply. On each inhale fill your belly up with the breath. On each exhale expel all the air out of the belly through your nose. Repeat this deep belly breathing for 5 breaths. On the next inhale, fill the belly up with the breath and then take a little extra breath and let that air expand into the rib cage. On the exhale, let the air release first from the rib cage and then from the belly. Continue with this format but with each new breath fill the lungs more, mid chest then to upper chest. Repeat this cycle 10 times. The more you practice pranayama the more you will oxygenate your system and the more energetic you will feel.

Here's to having more energy!

Mary Jane Kasliner - Feng Shui Master * Yoga Teacher

Monday, January 9, 2012

Grounding Your Space and Body

Grouding Your Space & Body

When we are grounded we tend to be present and experience life as is. Unfortunately the tendency is to get caught up in the chaos that surrounds us whether that chaos is in our space or through the media. There are several things you can do to ground your space and your body. Below is a simple check list that you can incorporate into your life for clarity and peace.


1. Do a walk through your home and make a list of items that no longer serve a purpose in your life; then let them go.

2.  Add some earthy qualities to your space especially in the southwest and northeast areas of your home. This can be one with stones, ceramic decor, checked patterns or low flat rectangular or square shapes of furnishings.

3. Keep a grounding stone on your person or desk such as smokey quartz.

4. Spray your space with a grounding pure essential oil like cedarwood.


The following are some simple tips of how to ground the body and mind. They help to awaken the root chakra that helps us to feel safe, secure and well grounded.

1. Any standing pose in yoga will activate the root chakra. Mountain pose, warriors and triangle pose are excellent choices.

2. Meditation: taking 5 to 10 minutes out of your day to sit and reflect on the breath goes a long way to ground the mind and as a result the body. Make sure you have a routine for your meditation (i.e. space and zafu cushion) is beneficial. Any pillow will do however. The idea is to have your hips higher than your knees.

3. Eating a balanced diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables. You will feel lighter and as a result be able to focus better.

Here's to feeling more grounded! 

Mary Jane Kasliner - Feng Shui Master & Yoga Teacher

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Clear Your Body & Space

Butchart Gardens ~ Victoria, BC August 2011

This is the perfect time of year to cleanse your body and space of stagnant energy, and today (yin wood ox day), is the perfect day to start the process. Since the law of resonance states: Two energy vibrations will come together and emit a third vibration, then it behooves us to strengthen the vibration of our body and space so the resulting vibration is very high, or in other words healthy. Below are some simple steps to start the clearing process.

Body & Space Clearing:

1. Remove unwanted or broken items from your home. Begin in rooms that you spend most of your time in such as the bedroom or home office. Consider rearranging furnishings once you have de-cluttered. You will be amazed how a space can be transformed by moving a few items around.

2. Gather the following items and place on a table or tray for your clearing process: Candles, incense, bell or chime, flowers, stones, seeds, essential oils and anything else that has deep meaning to you.

3. Take a few moments to become still and quiet the mind. Allow your higher self to take the lead here. Call upon any guardians to guide your spirit. See the breath travel through your blood vessels and awaken each cell in your body. Feel a sense of weightlessness in the physical body as if you can float.

4. Take your sound element of either a bell, chime, drum, etc. and walk through your home allowing the sound to resonate throughout the space. Feel the sound penetrate through your body as well noticing every cell in your body awaken with a humming sensation.

5. Take the incense or a sage stick and walk through the space allowing the smoke to waft. As you walk through the home take time to reflect and allow the incense or herb to surround your body. Let the wafting smoke cleanse your outer body.

6. Take pure water infused with essential oils and either flick it or spray it throughout the space. Now wash your hands and feet in this water. Take a fresh glass of water and drink it slowly. As you drink the water see it fill your body with a bright golden light of energy bathing every muscle, tendon, bone, organ and cell of your body.

7. Come to the center of your space and sit in a meditative position (easy pose - sukasana) with legs crossed. Light a candle and then allow the back of your hands to rest upon your knees while you join your index finger and thumb in gyan mudra. This connects self to higher consciousness or Universal Being. Begin to focus on your breath drawing the prana in through your nose and allowing it to fill your lungs and release through back of throat and out through nose again. With each breath feel the physical body disappear, sense a level of weightlessness and move towards the spirit body. Allow the heart to open and see a green golden light move out from the heart center (anahata) and enfold your entire body. Repeat to yourself, "All is well. I am centered in my being." When the time feels right move away from spirit body and engage in the physical self. Open your eyes, blow out the candle and give thanks for all you have.

8. For the next 3 days spray your home with pure essential oils and eat a cleansing diet of fresh vegetables, fruits and plenty of fresh pure water. See your body and space cleansed and ready to accept all that is yours.


Mary Jane Kasliner Feng Shui Master & Yogi

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Grounding Your Body & Space

 Grounding Your Body & Space
So many of us this time of year are thrown off balance. The weather is cold (of course depending upon where you live), and the frenetic pace from the holidays has taken its toll. Follow these simple techniques to center and ground your body and space.

1. Remove the holiday decorations. Take your time with this process and make sure you have a designated place for these items. Utilize a labeling system  so next year when it is time to pull the decorations out it will be simple. 

2.  Give your space the once over. In other words, take this opportunity to clean your house with natural products and then do a basic space clearing. For example, light an incense stick and let it burn in the main part of your home. Then ring a chime or bell throughout your home to break up any heavy energy. Finish off by spraying some pure essential oils in each room. During the process think about what you would like to achieve for the new year. Even if it is simply to spend more time with family and friends.

3. Place a few stones in a ceramic dish or bowl and place them towards the center of your home. Earth elements have a very grounding effect. The earth element also represents transformation, so perhaps you may think about what needs transforming in your life.

4. Move your diet towards root vegetables. These have a stabilizing quality about them. They are more yin in quality and calming.

5. Begin a meditation routine. Start with 5 minutes of quiet time in the morning and at night. Make sure you turn off any distractions. This is YOU time.

6. Incorporate an exercise routine that moves between yin and yang activities. For example, cardio conditioning moves towards a yang activity whereas yoga or qi gong is a yin activity. Should you choose yoga, then concentrate on standing asanas (poses) like warriors, triangle pose, side angle, goddess, or mountain pose. All of these poses engage the root chakra (muladhara) and offer a strong grounding effect. When performing these poses recite the affirmation, "I am always safe at the center of my being."

These are just a few things you can do to realign your body and space. Start slowly and enjoy the process.

Mary Jane Kasliner - Feng Shui Master & Yogi

Monday, January 2, 2012

5 Simple Steps To Elevate the Energy in Your Space

5 Simple Steps to Elevate the Energy in Your Space

One of the easiest ways to elevate the energy in your space is to incorporate nature's essence in your design. This can be done in many ways but the most simplistic ways are as follows:

1. Add fresh cut flowers to a room in your home. The dynamic colors and scent will lift your spirits and your energy.

2. Place a healthy plant in the east sector of your home and enjoy the element of growth that it represents.

3. Fill a bowl with some pine cones. The sacred design of them will exude a natural divine quality into your space.

4. Spray some pure essential oils throughout your home on a daily basis and uplift the energy immediately.

5.  Try to replace one synthetic material  from your space with a natural element.

Enjoy these simple techniques to raise the vibration of energy in your space today!

Enjoy your day.

Mary Jane Kasliner - Feng Shui Master & Yogi