Friday, May 11, 2012

The Productive Garden

Many of us enjoy to grow our own vegetables and fruit because it is healthy and fun. This is a perfect time of the year to enjoy Mother Nature. You can actually turn your whole garden into a productive garden, which can work really well if you grow flowers alongside vegetables and fruit. Before delving in to the tips below show gratitude to Mother Earth for all that She provides by gathering some seeds, herbs, nuts and other natural elements from the earth and wrap it up as a gift. Then offer your gift to the earth by either floating it a body of water, burying it or burining it. Go ahead and set an intention during the process to welcome in summer. Once completed go ahead and enjoy these few ideas to create your productive garden.

1. Think about a large circular bed in the center of the garden and then subdivide that circular bed into four sections. Three of the sections can be used for vegetables while the fourth section can be used for fruits.Think about a decorative trellis or pergola in the center of the bed and allow climber plants to grow up the sides. This will act as a wonderful focal point for the garden.

2. Create winding pathways to the garden. Make sure you use different materials for the path such as brick, stone, slate or gravel. This will add another dimension to the garden.

3. Add a decorative gate at the garden entrance. Depending on the direction of the entryway will dictate the best material to use for the gate. For example, a western entry bodes well with a lovely arched wrought iron gate.

4. In the eastern quadrant of the garden plant your herbs. Think a variety for healthy home cooked meals for the family. Just make sure you are using organic soil and seeds.

5. In the southwestern portion of the garden add some red blooming flowers and infuse a stone statue of perhaps two lovers embracing.

6. In the northeastern portion of the garden plan to have a compost. A productive garden will produce plenty of waste material which can be reused to keep the garden healthy.

7. In the southeast portion of the garden think about a lovely bird bath, fountain or pond. This will give birds a place to frolic and fish a place to swim. You may even attract a few frogs which will act as a natural pest control for your garden.

Have some fun this season creating this healthy and peaceful garden. It will not only look beautiful but it will keep you healthy in mind, body and spirit.

In prosperity,

Mary Jane Kasliner, Feng Shui Master & Yogi