What's the Energy for July

What's the Energy for July

July 7th starts the month of the Sheep in 4 Pillars astrology. The Sheep doesn't like to be hurried or placed under pressure so make sure you stay on top of your work this month. The Sheep energy is also about being stable and grounded in activities. Therefore, take your time to plan out your summer events. Working with others is also a plus when it comes to the Sheep. Group projects or simply spending time with family and friends is very beneficial this month.

The earth heavenly stem combines with the Sheep earthly branch for July and shows its loyalty to family and friends. As previously mention, it is a good month to gather with those who are closest to you. Just be aware not to take things personally, as the Sheep has a tendency to easily be hurt and upset especially in confrontational situations.

Be careful of finances this month as the earth Sheep enjoys the finer things in life. This is compounded by a problematic energy that enters the portent of wealth in the flying star method.

Where's the Money This Month?

If creativity is your thing, then income is sure to follow. For all you artist, writers, designers or photographers, this is the month you can convert your creative flare into some coin. Enhance the western portent of your home or office with bright lighting and movement via a water fountain. Add some money to this area and an earth element such as a jade or aventurine stone.

What's Up With Health & Family?

There is a tendency this month for some tension when it comes to family interactions. This tension can lead to stress and that never bodes well when it come to health. Best to engage in some meditation and yoga practice to release all that tension. Also be mindful of hips and pelvic area this month and especially for females. Add some fire elements to the eastern portent of your home to drain off this problematic energy.

How Does Your Bank Account Look?

This can be a rather chaotic month when it comes to handling your banking. What can go wrong will go wrong so make sure you pay close attention to all your accounts. Communications can easily go awry when it comes to deposits and withdrawals. A sound vibration such as brass metal bells rung frequently in the southeast portent of your home is very beneficial when it comes to breaking up this problematic energy.

How Will Others Perceive What You Do This Month?

It is very obvious to others you are working hard and putting in the time to make things work. Any necessary research is recommended as it will lead to success and promotion. The energy flows freely  so ride the wave. Adding metal or virtual water elements to the south portent of your home or office will propel this energy even further.

What's Up with Relationships?

There is a great deal of energy flying around this month when it comes to relationships. You will be starting new adventures with that special someone or simply with friends. If it is a vacation you are planning, take extra time to write down all the things you want to do as the wood energy positioned here for the month will have you on the go. Adding a little fire to the southwest portent will keep all that energy in check.

Is Anyone Helping You Out There?

This month can be a little tough when it comes to mentors and helpful people. In one respect you may find people can be a little caddy and even deceptive. Trust your intuition when it comes to dealing with others especially when it comes to business matters and networking. What may start out to be innocent communications that seem enjoyable can turn out to harm you in the end. Add some virtual water elements to the northwest sector to abate this energy for the month.

Anything New in Career for You?
This can be a troublesome month when it comes to your career. A nervous stomach may be the result. Avoid any major career decisions for July and keep your nose to the grindstone. Add bronze metal object to the north sector of home or office to deplete this energy.

Tap Into Wisdom lately?

What a great month to really move within. Take out your meditation cushion and have a seat because the fire is burning for tapping into higher self. Even if you have little experience when it comes to meditation, July is the month to get this practice going. Start out small with 5 or 10 minutes of quiet time in the morning and evening. You'll be amazed how clarity improves and peace is restored. Add either a healthy plant or fire element to the northeast sector for the month of July.

Center of it All...

This month the heavenly white star resides in the central palace. People are hungry for leadership and truthful actions. Take this month to find out how YOU can be a leader in your community, on the job or in your family. There is natural energy fueling this beneficial star so no need to do anything here. Adding a beautiful stone to the center of the structure will catapult and ground this heavenly energy.

For a personalized energy assessment for the month of July email: consult@fengshuiyoganj.com, as the above assessment is generalized.

Happy 4th of July!


Mary Jane Kasliner - Feng Shui Master & Yogi


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