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What Can We Expect for The Month of November


4 Pillars in a Flash:
November 8th starts the month of the Pig in 4 Pillars astrology. The Pig is a very kind and understanding type of energy. Truth and justice is a theme for this month when it comes to the Pig. 

The Pig energy is also about being social and involved with groups of people so don't be surprised if you find yourself at multiply parties or social gatherings this month. Just be careful not to over indulge as the Pig has a weakness when it comes to food, drink and shopping.

The yin water heavenly stem combines with the Pig earth branch for November and sets the energy in motion when it comes to being generous and loyal. The Pig goes out of its way to help others. It is important however to set healthy boundaries so as not to be taken advantage of. The water pig energy for this month is helpful when it comes to communications near or far.

Flying Star Feng Shui at a Glance:

*Note: Apply this basic formula to discover your 9 star ki natal number and pay attention to your number in the flying stars as this energy can awaken personally for you. Add the entire digits of your birth year together and subtract this number from 11. If by doing this, you have a number above 10, simply add them together again to yield a single digit and subtract this number from 11.

Example: Male or Female born 1968
1+9+6+8= 24 - This number is over 10 so add figures together again.
24 = 2+4 = 6
To find the natal number subtract this single digit from 11
11 - 6 = 5
Therefore, the natal number is 5.

For more information on 9 Star Ki Astrology I recommend my colleague Aroon:

Where's the Money This Month?

In order to activate the money this month (#8 - money star) it will require you to make some connections with relationships you may have already or to investigate new partnership possibilities. The energy is extremely powerful and yet very grounded for sound decisions when it comes to finances this month especially when it comes to long-term prosperity through property investments or in shares. But to activate it you will need to add fire and flowing water to the southwest portent. Fire can be in the form of bright lighting and the water elements can be either a water fountain or fish bowl. Placing money or income producing documents in this location bodes well too.

 Inner Wisdom

The yellow 5 sha star enters the house of wisdom this month and as it does you may feel unsettled with self. This may be due to trouble with other people. It is best to avoid major project decisions when others are involved. Take more time in meditation to bring clarity to unresolved issues. There can also be a tendency to feel discomfort in shoulders, hands or arms. Youngest male is prone to accident this month. As the portent is assisting this problematic energy, it is recommended to place bronze metal and resonated sound to the northeast.

 Checking in with Family & Health

This is a very beneficial star (#9) that enters the vital energy of the east. There is celebrated happiness for career and especially when it comes to new projects that suddenly come to fruition. The star is draining to the wood quality of this portent so it is best to sure it up with some assistance by placing a vital plant in the east. Since it is the month for parties with the Pig energy, place the plant with picture of friends and family to keep the energy calm and relaxed.

Fortunate Blessings
The beneficial white 1 star enters this portent for the month. This star naturally fuels the wealth portent that represents money you can invest or simply deposit into your checking account. This star is beneficial when it comes to travel, your career, and even a promotion. Adding real water or virtual water to the southeast is a great way to propel this wonderful energy.

 Are You Moving Towards Your Goals?

Another bright star (#6) enters the south portent of reputation and goals for this month. It's time to show your leadership abilities and authority in your field. This star does reflect short term prosperity whether increase in salary or monetary prize. As the portent of fire melts this wonderful star, it is best to add earth elements to the south to ramp this energy up.

How Are Your Creative Juices This Month?

When we are creating we are in-spirit or inspired. The energy this month in the west is very agreeable towards literature and writing projects (#4 green star). So if you are planning on writing that book or article for a magazine, then this is the month to do it. The energy of this star can also have a negative impact when it comes to your relationship. Therefore, it behooves you to spend a little extra time with that special someone in your life. To keep this energy in check place some fire and earth in the western portent.

Networking - Potential Wealth or Travel 

This month may have you tempted to think big when it comes to networking opportunities but just make sure you pay close attention to any contracts on the table as legal issue can arise along with frustration and anger (#3 star). The energy for males to start some new business is strong so go ahead and move forward in this direction but just be vigilant. Add some virtual water and fire element to the northwest to keep everything balanced here.

The Tai Chi - The Center of Your Life

This month the problematic black 2 star rises in the center of the lo shu or tai chi point. This can cause illness to the abdominal area especially stomach virus. Fatigue may set in and especially for females. It may also take longer than expected to accomplish things this month overall. It is also not a good idea to start anything new or something that requires a major decision especially if (2) is your natal number. This star is receiving natural assistance from the center so drain with bronze metal object.

*Note: The analysis above is generalized. Each structure will receive this energy differently when interacting with that structures unique composition or time built and facing direction.

Happy November!

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