Monday, March 25, 2013

Working the Yard

Working The Yard

I think one of the best ways to start working your yard is to think about how you want to use it. Do you have kids and need a play area? Are you empty nesters and looking to entertain more? Do you love to garden or simply looking for a private little get away to relax? These are all questions you should consider when thinking about how you want to approach your yard design.
This is a great way to add an interesting layer of design materials and save on landscaping and watering. Even if you have an old patio there are simple inexpensive ways to dress it up such as water- base stains. Laying flagstone or brick pavers in interesting patterns and allowing low-lying vegetation to grow in between them is a really nice look and a great way to bring in a yin component to the otherwise yang stones.  For more interesting ways to work with hardscaping also known as Xeriscaping you can order my feng shui designs in a flash CD that covers outdoor spaces.
Create Sections:
Just as open floor plans create confusion for energy to flow properly indoors, outdoor giant expanse not only looks vast but causes the energy to move too quickly as well. There are many ways to divide outdoor spaces and it will all depend on what you are looking to accomplish. Here are a few ideas.
Play Area for Kids:  A play gym or small picnic area will keep kids busy for hours while you grab that book you've been itching to read. Mix it up a bit with colors, activities and materials such as wood chips to give the kids lots of different things to explore.
Herb Garden: Nothing like sinking your hands into mother earth and planting your own herbs for cooking that fabulous meal. It's healthier and you'll save on your grocery bill. So roll up your sleeves and dig in this spring for a fabulous looking herb garden.
Dining Area: Whether you decide to create a seating area for friends and family or just a little romantic venue for that special someone, this is the area you can really have fun with. Add a small outdoor carpet for warmth, a candle chandelier and some throw pillows on the chairs for extra comfort and you'll never want to come in for another meal.
Outdoor Shed:
It's always great to be able to have an outside storage area for your hobby items, yard tools and all that other stuff that comes with spring and summer outdoor activities. If you have a shed fix it up as if it were your home. Paint the outside, restore any windows, add some flower boxes and perhaps a meandering pathway to lead you in.
Water Feature:
Go ahead and add a water feature to the yard. Pretend you are recreating a park-like setting in your own yard. Some of the most relaxing park settings have ponds or some type of water feature. The sound of water moving is so soothing not to mention it can drown out nearby noise pollution. Add some plants and rockery to really build a nature wonderland.
Get creative when it comes to seating. Nothing says rocks can't become an interesting seat or even a tree stump. Look around your yard and see what nature has to offer as a natural seating area. It will really kick it up a notch when it comes to making your yard an interesting place to hang out.
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Daily Feng Shui Astrology

BSA Daily Astrology Tip 

Yang Metal Tiger Day. Not a great day to take on important activities. Metal heavenly stem cuts into the Tiger branch so pressure is felt today from above to the earth and from mind to body. Ease this tension with water. So communicating and becoming more introspective today is beneficial. Monkeys take caution as you are in clash with the earthly branch of the Tiger and especially take caution this afternoon. The morning hours do have a good amount of ficus and intuitive energy for projects so go ahead and rely on those characteristics. Need to become flexible however in your approach. As this metal energy reaches the Tiger this afternoon there will be great focus to stick to the plan and forge ahead just be careful not to get carried away. #Feng