Tuesday, June 4, 2013

What's Up For June?

What's Up for June?

June 7th starts the month of the Horse. The Horse is an action packed energy they will move and shake you to a point of being impulsive. Nothing is too challenging to take on with the Horse at your back. There is a natural optimistic nature to any endeavor especially if you can do it alone. Independence and freedom is a necessary component along with being around other people. This month you can also expect others to be more perceptive, extremely capable, and excellent when it comes to business matters.

June also carries a joyful and creative energy. Imagine when you were a child and spent long summer days playing in the sun. This is the type of energy that surrounds this month. Just be mindful of others trying to take what doesn't belong to them.

Where's the money this month?

Are you working on a big networking deal? Is there someone you know who can assist you in making that perfect connection? Are you looking for a mentor to show you the ropes? If you answered yes to any of these questions then you are in luck as the month of June has tremendous potential for making such connections that lead to income. This is the month to sign up for that networking event. Make those connections and your bank account will be happy you did. To give this an extra boost, create some movement in the northwest area of your home and property. A water feature, bright lighting or a metal chime placed outdoors are all perfect options.

Sales with Authority:

If sales is where you need to connect to fluff up that bank account, June is the month to do it. Take a leadership role when it comes to pitching your services. Let people know you are the perfect choice for what they need. Add an earth element in the southeast area of your home, a few stones should do, and bolster that "sure thing feeling."

What's Up with Relationships?

This is the month to pay attention to all relationships as things can falter a bit in this department. Plan a romantic meal, a gathering with old friends, or simply a stroll along the beach with that favorite someone. The idea is to let others know you are paying attention. To keep things in check, add some fire to the southwest and rekindle romance while offsetting any temptation to stray.

How Do Others Perceive What You Do?

This month others may talk about you in an ill-manner. The energy is undermining here that it can actually lead to an uneasy feeling in your stomach. Go about your business with integrity, be focused and sharp when it comes to any responsibility and place some metal in the south area of the home to knock out negativity.

Show Me The Fun!

This month naturally has the "fun factor" available for us all. When it comes to your work, add that flare of creativity and you are sure to find success, as others will notice what you are doing.  If you maintain a  receptive approach, the rewards will be great. By adding some virtual water and wood to the west area of your home or office you can benefit from the creative energy here.

Anything New in Career For You?

June is the month to take the plunge in new business ideas or venture. Don't hold back as there is plenty of support to let things fly.This support comes via male energy so keep your eyes and ears wide open. Add some virtual water in the north area of your home or office and go with the flow.

 Tap Into Wisdom Lately?

When's the last time you sat in meditation and LISTENED? June is the month to pull out that meditation pillow and take a seat. Your higher self and spirit guides have all the answers. Follow through and much will come your way. Add some metal elements to the northeast and really get the communications flowing.

What's Up With Health and Family?

June may throw a wrench into your health or family matters. Things may get a little chaotic so best to walk the line when it comes to your diet, exercise, and family interaction. Take extra time to pay attention to these areas of your life and you will come out ahead. Add some metal to the east or let a CD with chiming gongs play periodically to offset the negative energy that resides here.

*For personalized elements to trigger the energy for June in your home or office email: consult@fengshuiyoganj.com, as the above recommendations are generalized. 

Happy June!

Mary Jane Kasliner - Feng Shui Master & Yogi