Monday, October 7, 2013

What's the Energy for October 2013?

What's the Energy for October 2013?

Hopewell Rocks - Canada 2013

Flying Star at a Glance

Where's the Money This Month?

In order to activate the money this month it will require you to make some adjustments in your career or life path. The time is right for you to stand out from the rest and be noticed by those who write the check! The energy is extremely bright and grounded for steady growth in your career. But to activate it you will need to bring some flowing water or bright lighting to the north sector of your home or office. You may also place some income producing documents in this area to catapult finances. Bring further support with wood and fire elements to bring harmony to an otherwise fighting energy between the 8 money star and water portent of the north. Just to note - if this area falls within the bedroom or kitchen forget the moving water and go with the other suggestions.

 Inner Wisdom

The white 6 metal star enters the house of wisdom this month and as it does you will feel great movement in higher self and wisdom to share with others. Achievement in this aspect of your life is noticeable. The patriarch offers much wisdom especially to younger males. The house offers wonderful support to this white metal star. Add earthy elements to the northeast sector of the home this month and spend time in meditation in this direction as well to capture all of its benefits.

 Checking in with Family & Health

Another beneficial white star enters the vital energy of the east for this month and as it does it brings nutrients to the family and to your health. Reinforcing strong family roots, your heritage and health is perfect for this month. This is a great energy for studying your roots, family tree projects, or delving into new nutritious foods that are water based. It is also a great energy for fueling new projects. With the proper focus, which the Dog in 4 Pillars provides this month, you can realize recognition resulting in increased finances. To provide support for the 1 white star add some water elements to the eastern portent of your home. Virtual water is always a nice way to go here such as seashells or glass vase with starfish and sand accents.

Fortunate Blessings

There is a difficult energy that moves into the house of wealth and fortunate blessings this month. This may cause resistance when it comes to investing funds. The entrance of the 2 black star can also cause physical irritation to hips and pelvic area and especially for female. It is best to place bronze metal in the southeast for the month to drain off this problematic star. You may also add virtual water to restore energy to the portent.

 Are You Moving Towards Your Goals?

This is a tough energy in the house of goals, illumination and fame. The red 7 star enters this portent and creates stress when it comes to accomplishing your goals this month. The biggest issue you may encounter is other people taking credit for your work. Be watchful of others stealing from you. This is especially true when it comes to other females. Abate this star by placing virtual water and wood in the south sector. This will effectively deplete this star while returning the portent to a flow of harmony.

Relationships this Month are on Fire!

This is a great month for females to hone in on relationship and especially when it comes to work related interactions as it can lead to promotion. As the portent is fueled by this star it will need some assistance. Go ahead and add some fire accents to the southwest portent of your home or office and enjoy relationships this month.

Are You Having Fun Yet?

So we all know that having fun and being in-spirit is the blessing of living in the present moment. Unfortunately, the 5 sha yellow star enters this house for the month and can rain on your parade especially for young females. Also vulnerable is the mouth, jaw and skin. Luckily the western portent is associated with the element of metal and helps to offset such issues. Back this up with bronze metal and sound vibration such as a bell rung frequently.

Networking - Potential Wealth or Travel 

This month may have you tempted to network more and even travel for more opportunities especially since in the house of finances (SE) the energy is very difficult. Resist the temptation to take on more as the 4 green star enters this house and can lead to much tension between male and female putting unnecessary strain on relationship that can lead to break up. Place the elements of fire and earth to drain this energy and restore harmony. Just to note, you may find the energy to be rather creative when it comes to any writing projects.

The Tai Chi - The Center of Your Life

This month the rather active 3 wood star enters this center portent. All can expect much growth, vitality and hectic energy. It is a great energy for new prospects in business but as this star falls in the tai chi or center it is best not to start anything new or great ventures. Let it operate as a container for your ideas to grow and catapult next month when this energy will move to a more appropriate house for business growth. Adding just a little fire will keep the center healthy while keeping this over active star in line.

*Note: The analysis above is generalized. Each structure will receive this energy differently when interacting with that structures unique composition or time built and facing direction.

Happy October!

Mary Jane