Friday, October 25, 2013

BSA Feng Shui - Daily feng shui tip - 

Recharge a stagnant area by plugging in an essential oil diffuser. This is a fantastic way to bring yang energy to an otherwise yin spot while infusing the air with fresh plant oils for healthy emotions and air quality!

Mary Jane

BSA Daily Feng Shui Astrology 

Today is a yang wood rat day. Caution to horses today. The rat branch fuels the wood stem therefore movement in the form of exercise is beneficial to keep the mind clear today. There is powerful wood energy circulating this morning and perfect for brainstorming and starting something new. Whatever it is go for i t! The wood stem combines with the rat branch for the ability to influence others easily. It is an excellent energy for problem solving just be sure not to take on too much today otherwise you can undermine your efforts.

Mary Jane