Monday, November 18, 2013

BSA Feng Shui Tip - 

Sound is one of the most profound senses and has a tremendous impact on how we feel. Make sure you surround your environment with pleasant sounds such as a trickling fountain, soft chiming bells, or pleasant music. Sound is a gateway that enters your being. Open your heart and allow it to be suffused with magical sounds.

Mary Jane

Daily 4 Pillars Astrology

BSA Feng Shui Astrology 

Today is a yang earth rat day. Horses should take caution today. The earth heavenly stem is very transformational for whatever you are working on today. It is also a very grounding energy. This bodes well for decisions that need to be made. The earth rat combination is very clever and realistic when it comes to projects. You're not interested in any fly-by-night ideas. You are in for the long haul and will see financial rewards as a result.

Mary Jane