Thursday, February 27, 2014

Energy For the Month of March 2014
Flying Star at a Glance:
This is the month of the red 7 star - a star that is inauspicious in this current 20 year cycle (2004 - 2024).
Month Begins 3/6 and ends 4/4.

Family: The East Portent

So this can be a challenging energy in the house of family and health. People causing trouble that can place pressure on family interactions especially males. There is unsettled energy when it comes to projects and decision making steps so make certain to take extra care over all aspects and people involved. The areas of the body that are more vulnerable to this star energy are: feet, legs, neck, liver and gallbladder. Luckily the portent cause this star to weaken. Add strong metal here to restore flow and further weaken this star. Remove cure by 4/4.

Fortunate Blessings & Wealth: The Southeast Portent

Strength, activity, power, energy and perseverance when it comes to wealth this month. Leadership skills are in order to progress on the path of growing finances for investment purposes. Strong energy for both male and female. As the portent causes this lucky star to lose energy hips and pelvic area can act up so it is important to infuse the elements of fire and earth to ease the flow. Remove these cures by 4/4.

Inner Wisdom: The Northeast Portent

This month calls for research and study when it comes to furthering the path for self growth. This may take the form of flowing movements as in qi gong or yoga practice along with taking long walks near water. Set aside time for reflection and introspection to achieve growth this month with higher self. As there is a conflict between this star and the portent watch shoulder, arms and wrists. Add a metal element here to restore flow and build this excellent energy. Remove by 4/4.

Checking in with Career: The North Portent

Future prosperity is in the mix for this month when it comes to career especially for male. Things can happen quickly so be sure to pay close attention to detail as disagreements can be the result and legal entanglements. Add fire element here to keep this energy in check and move the flow from portent to start. Remove this cure by 4/4.

Are You Moving Towards Your Goals? The South Portent

Albeit you are devoted to your goals this month there are challenges that present. To overcome be persistent especially with females and seek support from others. Stomach upset is possible and especially for females. Add strong metal here for the month and remove by 4/4.

Relationships: The Southwest Portent

Romance and literature are subtle energies for this month but as this star has lost its flare in this current cycle you may find challenges in your relationships. Indecision can be the result so consider making small efforts in restoring your relationships as you don't want to be too forthright. Restriction between the star and portent can leave the pelvic area and hips vulnerable. Add the element of fire to restore flow and drain this star. Remove by 4/4.

Creativity - Pleasure: The Western Portent

Let's not be too rash when it comes to adventures this month. The energy is rather aggressive here but is tamed a bit by the portent element. This is a bright star and when a creative view takes hold in projects the result is success. Capitalize on this energy by infusing the elements of virtual water and wood. Remove these by 4/4.

Networking - Potential Wealth or Travel : The Northwest Portent

Show me the money! Here it is in the fabulous portent of near wealth. Get your running shoes on and take charge when it comes to networking this month. If done correctly you can set yourself up long-term investments. Add fire and earth elements here especially a large crystal and get that energy moving! Remove by 4/4.

The Tai Chi - The Center of Your Life

This month the red 7 star enters the center of the structure. This is a creative and joyful energy normally but as this star is in its decay the result can be a fighting - accusation type of energy. Take extra precautions when it comes to your valuables as theft is also a dynamic of this star. Add virtual water here and remove by 4/4.

*Note: The analysis above is generalized. Each structure will receive this energy differently when interacting with that structures unique composition or time built and facing direction.

Happy March!

BSA Daily Astrology -

Today is a yin earth snake day. Fire from beneath fuels the stem - body pushed to the limit mentally. A level headed manner to approach work today. Just don't be pressured to make a decision. Rely upon the stable earth stem and trust family and friends. There will be a questioning of this trust as the snake has an empty branch today. Financial matters improve today as long as you trust the universe will provide.

Mary Jane