Monday, April 28, 2014

A New Look for Spring & Energy for May 2014

The Energy for May!

This is the month of the Yellow 5 star - a star that is very problematic in this current 20 year cycle (2004 - 2024). This star can create chaos in all aspects of life. It is an unsettled energy so try to avoid major projects and decisions.
Family: The East Portent

The 3 green star enters its natural home of the east where it receives much assistance. This star is functional in this current period (2004-2024), but can get out of control. Therefore, there is a tendency for tension between family members and especially between males. As this star is full of vitality, there is the possibility of new business projects to pass your desk. In order to avoid any problems, take extra measures to review project data and communicate effectively with others. Settling down this star is recommended and best served with the use of fire elements. Remove fire cure by 6/5.

Fortunate Blessings & Wealth: The Southeast Portent
The literary star enters the southeast this month receiving plenty of assistance. You may find the urge to delve into educational workshops. Go with it and ignore any indecision as it will pay off later on. There is also a tendency for difficulty in relationship this month as this star is rather undesirable in this Gen period cycle. Ease out this tension with the element of fire placed in the southeast for the month and go ahead and place a photo of you and significant other in this sector as well to reaffirm your relationship. Remove cures by 6/5.

Are You Moving Towards Your Goals? The South Portent
Fire it up this month by getting yourself out there and doing your thing. There is plenty of fire burning with the 9 purple star residing in its natural home. There is clarity with your goals and visions this month and especially if you record that by making a vision board. Just be watchful of rash behavior or aggression as the fire is being assisted by the portent. Being methodical about your intention when it comes to your soul’s mission will prove to be powerful. To further this star’s energy add a vital plant. Remove cure by 6/5.
Relationships: The Southwest Portent
This is an unfavorable energy that enters the portent of relationships this month. Therefore, it is best to be mindful when it comes to interacting with others including those closest to you. Furthermore, be mindful of your diet as the digestive system is vulnerable with the 2 black star being assisted by the portent. You may notice (especially females) you have to work harder this month to achieve things. Lethargy may also creep in. Place bronze metal object here and remove by 6/5.

Creativity - Pleasure: The Western Portent
May be a bit rough this month when it comes to enjoyment. The deceitful 7 red star enters its natural home. Be aware that female energy can be undermining including to the point of stealing. Rely on your intuition and be conservative this month especially if interacting with other females. Be mindful when working in the yard as skin irritation or rash can occur. Best cure is virtual water to deplete the 7 metal star. You may remove this cure by 6/5.

Networking - Potential Wealth or Travel: The Northwest Portent
This is a powerful energy that enters the portent of possibilities and especially for males. The 6 white star represents perseverance, strength and power when it comes to honing in business connections and or attracting the right people to assist you on your path. The northwest offers plenty of assistance, but go ahead and add some strong earth components to the northwest and catapult this energy even more so. You may remove the cure by 6/5.
Checking in with Career: The North Portent
It is time to get crafty when it comes to your career this month. This may include further research or study in order to be noticed. The energy is bright so it is likely things will go your way. Listening and communication skills are honed this month and that bodes very well when it comes to getting what you need and want on the job. The north portent offer assistance but adding some metal here will help to keep you focused on the job at hand. Remove cure by 6/5.
Inner Wisdom: The Northeast Portent

This is the location of the money star this month. In order to take full advantage of this energy, tap into your higher knowledge. Let higher self take the lead position and it will guide you on the right path when it comes to financial harmony. It is also a time to revisit your financial portfolio and make any necessary changes or adjustments for the long haul. The portent is assisting this white star nicely. Adding bright fire element, earth and moving water will do this energy justice. Remove cures by 6/5.
The Tai Chi - The Center of Your Life
This month the Yellow 5 star enters the central palace. This is a highly problematic energy in this current 8-cycle we are experiencing. As mentioned, this star can create chaos in any area of your life. Try to avoid major projects or decisions this month but if that can’t be avoided then be sure to take extra precautions with potential situation or people involved. It is best to deplete this energy with a metal vibration sound quality (bells) and placing strong bronze metal object in the center of the structure.
*Note: The analysis above is generalized. Each structure will receive this energy differently when interacting with that structures unique composition or time built and facing direction. Mention this newsletter and receive a 10% discount on your flying star monthly report!
May Blessings!
Mary Jane

A Fresh Look for Spring!

Mother Earth is certainly sporting a fresh look. Why not follow Her lead and make some simple changes around your house to freshen its look too! Below are a few basic creative strategies that are long-lasting, cost effective and beautiful.

1. Gently Used Items: Have some fun this spring and go to a few estate sales. You’ll be amazed how secondhand items can spruce up your interior. Just make sure you are mindful about choosing items and space clear them with some sage or pure essential oils before bringing them into your home. Choose anything from furniture and lamps to accent pieces like artwork and sculptures.

2. Plants: A healthy plant goes a long way when it comes to beautifying an environment not to mention the added benefit of purifying the air. Plants such as Chinese evergreens, English ivy, and Peace lilies are amazing when it comes to absorbing chemicals that off-gas in the environment. Be creative and pot them in mason jars. It looks fabulous and adds to the d├ęcor.

3. Balance: Make sure your rooms do not have an excessive amount of furniture in them. Position furniture so plenty of light can pass through the room. And make sure all the walls are balanced with artwork and other furnishings. You don’t want one wall to be heavily weighted, as the room will look and feel like it is tilting.

4. Water Feature: Time to go out and purchase that water fountain. There’s nothing like the sound of a relaxing water fountain trickling in the background. The idea is to replicate the sound of a natural stream. So make sure you test a few before settling on one.

5. Sustainable Kitchen Wares: Choose sturdy pots and pans for the kitchen. Sure, they may cost more up front but they are in for the long haul and therefore will save you money over time. Store your herbs, cereals, pasta, nuts and seeds in glass mason jars. They not only look fabulous but are a healthy way to store food items.

Happy Spring!

Yoga Tip: Pantajali, the original codifier of yoga, noted that yoga prospers when the student practices with faith. Keeping a yoga journal is very helpful when it comes to your practice. Write down your thoughts and insights that occurred during your practice and learn from them.

Feng Shui Tip: How to use Plants? Plants are vibrant health energy from nature and represent the best aspect of feng shui. Here are five simple tips when it comes to your plants.

1. Love your plants and care for them properly.

2. 2. Choose plants that will do well in your environment.

3. Choose the best areas for your plants (east, southeast and south).

4. Choose wealth plants such as the bonsai tree, or jade plant.

5. Bring in air purifying plants such as the peace lily or golden pathos.
~Mary Jane