Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Fire Up October!

Photo taken by Mary Jane Kasliner
Note: All cures suggested in this blog should be placed on October 9th and remove the monthly cures on November 7th, as the energy will shift for the month of November.
The month of October generates the 9 Fire star. From the flying star feng shui perspective, this is a fantastic energy representing the  fire of the sun, our goals, visions and opportunity to grace society with our natural talents.
 It calls us to move towards the inner warrior – the fire portal of all energy. This is located at the solar plexus point and reminds us to rediscover our soul’s mission with confidence. It forces us to reconnect with what is important in the services we provide to others. When we connect to this energy portal through meditation on the 3rd chakra (or solar plexus area),  our auric body energy flows and moves in right direction. As a result, we are noticed for our natural talents and success follows without hesitation.
This trigram represents the female with a clinging type of energy. Therefore, it is likely we will want to hold on to things that may not necessarily help us to move forward on our path.  As this star resides in the central portent or the center of the lo shu grid, it spreads its qualities throughout the environment for all to absorb.

The analysis below is an interpretation of how this star, when moved into each direction, reacts to the energy within the 8 portents.

East: Family - Elders & Health:   A cutting metal energy enter this area for the month of October. This can weaken areas pertaining to health (specifically feet, neck, gallbladder and liver). It can also create family tension especially betweeen youngest female and eldest male. This star is not very trustworthy and tendency for cheating in many different aspects to undermine male. Use your intution as this star can easily awaken the third eye or intuit portal. Rely heavily on your gut feeling when dealing with females this month especially when it comes to new business ideas, family matters and your health.

Cure: Add virtual water element (seashells, starfish or watery image) to the east and remove by November 7th.
Southeast: Wealth - Fortunate Blessings: Growth is steady this month for finances and investments. Reallocate your portfolio to include real estate or investing in gold and silver (earth metals) found within this star. Unfortunately the elemental quality of this star is in conflict with the portent. Therefore, hip area and pelvic area can be vulnerable for female. It can also meet some resistance with female when it comes to financial matters.

Cure: Ease this tension by adding the element of fire in the southeast via bright lighting or  sunlight and add an element of movement with flowing water to move money. You may remove suggested cures by November 7th.

South: Goals - Soul's Mission: Albeit the elemental energy entering this portal for the month fuels goals and visions, it has a potential biting energy as if being bitten by a snake. Be aware of female antagonizing your mission. Pelvic and thigh area are weakened for female this month.

Cure: Add fire element to the south portent to drain negative wood star and assist the power of fire for your goals to be realized. You may remove this elemental cure by November 7th.

Southwest: Checking in with Relationships: Taking command of your role in and out of the home and utilizing your strengths goes a long way when achieving your objective in relationships. Excellent relationship with elder male - heed his advice this month especially when it comes to networking with others. The portent fuels this beneficial star and that is wonderful.

Cure: Add more earth elements here (stones or stone plate or bowl). Remove cure by November 7th.

West: Creativity & Fun: You may find it difficult to enjoy some fun-time this month. Your creativity may also be stiffled a bit so take advantage of any momentary creative ideas and write them down for future reference. Abdominal discomfort or gyn. issues can also arise. Watch teeth and skin for minor irritations. Luckily the portent direction drains this problematic energy.

Cure: Add bronze metal to the west and remove by November 7th.

Northwest: Mentors - Travel - Networking: Travel may be indicated when it comes to networking opportunities especially for male. Career upwardly moving as long as all research/paperwork are in order. Good flow in communications bodes well for business this month. The portent is fueling this beneficial energy and that bodes well.

Cure: Add more metal to the northwest and remove by November 7th.

North: Career - Life Journey: Chaos and legal questions may arise in career this month – male mostly is impacted. Urinary, bladder and ears are vulnerable with this star.

Cure: Add strong metal and with vibrational sound - ringing bell. Remove by November 7th.

Northeast: Wisdom - Inner Self Connection: Growth and wisdom this month for males especially. Reworking ideas and projects brings new vitality and expansion with business. Males have a strong influence with business this month and bring vital experience and wisdom to the table. Feet and muscles of the legs are weakened this month - Take time to stretch before any work-outs.

Cure: Add the element of fire to ease the tension of this star in this portent. Remove cure by November 7th.

Center: The orbit of your life: As mentioned in the beginning of this analysis, the month of October generates the 9 Fire star. From the flying star feng shui perspective, this is a fantastic energy representing the fire of the sun - our goals - visions and opportunity to grace society with our natural talents.
Cure: Add more fire to the center of the structure. You may remove this element by November 7th.

The above analysis is generalized and can be applied specifically to your environment based on the facing direction of your home or office and year built. For personal analysis contact: consult@fengshuiyoganj.com.

Have a great month!