Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Eight Feng Shui Points for the Holidays


By Mary Jane Kasliner, AAS, BS, ACFSI, CP, ERYT200


It's that time of year again when things can get a bit hectic, schedules are thrown off, and tensions are flying high. So how can feng shui help to calm the waters this holiday season? Well, let's begin by assessing how the energy is shifted in your space.


Point 1 ~ Family Time

Invariably holiday time means family time. Albeit family can be fun, they can also bring in their share of stress. Why not diffuse any potential arguments from the beginning by supporting the family sector in the home.  Find the east portent and infuse it with water and wood elements.  Prop a few photos of the family together enjoying each other. Now do the same on a microcosm level by finding the east portent in the room you are planning on entertaining in for the holidays. Every time you pass by these areas you will be reminded of how much fun it can be to spend time with family.


Points 2 & 3 ~ Where’s all the Money Going?

Let’s face it, between the purchasing of gifts, wrapping paper, holiday cards, and let’s not forget all the food – there is a great deal of money flying out of your wallet. Even though every year we promise ourselves we are not going to spend as much as last year, we end up doing just that. Why not generate a little extra income to offset those expenses this year with some feng shui. Locate the northwest portent of the home and make sure it’s in good shape – no clutter or anything that can stifle energy movement. Add some metal elements here – perhaps a coin collection or interesting metal ornament. Now locate the southeast portent and place a thriving plant and water feature.  Keep these polar opposites connected so the energy can freely pass and generate income to deposit in that checking account.


Points 4 & 5 ~ Friends are Coming Over to Celebrate too!

We all know entertaining doesn’t end with family.  Decorating and setting up for friends are also part of the holiday frenzy. Between the frequent entertaining and all those decorations, the fire element tends to move out of balance. Combine that with more advance theories of energy like flying star and you can potentially be in fire overload.  Try infusing a bit more earth to gently calm all that fire. Even better yet, place your elemental cure in the southwest portent so you begin to feel a bit more grounded while reinforcing the relationship with your friends!



Point 6 ~ Joy and Creativity in Gift Giving

Sometimes it’s nice to be creative in gift giving.  Why not make some of your own gifts and bring out the inner child that lies deep within. To help get you in the energetic mode, locate the western portent of the home and place some earth and metal elements there along with an object that makes your heart sing.


Point 7 ~ Time for Travel

The holidays can also be a time for lots of travel whether we are visiting family, friends, or taking that needed vacation. To keep your cool with all the travel arrangements, make sure the northwest portent has some metal and earth elements and a heavenly image for safe travel.

Point 8 ~ Quietude, Meditation & Finding Self

One of the most important areas to pay attention to this holiday season and always is the northeast portent.  Here, the energy is about the inner calmness of spirit. Like the majestic mountain that stands tall resilient to the outer forces of nature, you too can be peaceful within to overcome the outer chaos. Find the northeast portent of your home and make sure there are plenty of earth elements with a touch of fire to build this naturally calm energy. Set up a meditation area with a comfortable floor cushion, incense, candles, and your favorite stones. Go there daily and come to breath – breathing in and out through your nose allowing belly to expand on the in breath and retract towards the back spine on the out breath.  This alone will do wonders for a stress –free holiday season.


Mary Jane Kasliner is a master feng shui consultant and teacher in compass theories. She is the director of the Teaching Tortoise School of Feng Shui and the owner of Body Space Alignment – a feng shui and yoga company. She is the author of many books and educational CD’s. For more information visit her website: