Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Ms. Feng Shui Tips Tea Totaler - Ebb & Flow!

Just sat down for a cup of tea but not for long as I am off to teach my yoga class with "Pie in the Sky" Yogini. Ah - ebb and flow, not only in my yoga practice but in my feng shui practice. Seasons change and with it, the elements find their natural home. Strong wood has already peaked with the spring equinox and beginst o wane and allow fire to take charge.

One of the great aspects about the 5 elements are how they ebb and flow with one another. Several years ago, I decided to really delve in to how these elements interact in nature. As a result, I spent 3 weeks hiking across the Pacific Northwest infusing meditations during my hikes - literally sitting in mountains to absorb the energy of earth. This experience deepened not only my feng shui consulting and teaching, but also my yoga practice. Instead of me trying to explain the depth of what the powerful forces/ elements of nature represent and what they want us to know, I suggest you pick up a copy of my book: Mother Nature A Bridge to Conscious Living and see for yourself. This book was a result of the time I spent in nature and meditating with Her. The book is designed in journal format so you can discover your own experience.

~ Mary Jane

Illustrator: Ann Curch Gagliano

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