Monday, July 25, 2016

Ms. Feng Shui Tea Totaler: Hallways & Staircases!

Hallways and staircases. They always seem to be an issue in the world of feng shui. Why is that? Well, first off they are the purveyors of chi (energy) within a house or building. Depending on the configuration and location of the hallway or staircase will determine if the energy is positive or destructive. Here are a few pointers to keep in mind.

  • Long hallways that connect front and back door entrances create an instability when it comes to how fast energy  is moving. It is best to moderate the flow of energy incorporating floor runners, artwork, upward lighting, or wall mural design.
  • Make sure all hallways and staircase are clutter-free! Remember, these structures represent the veins and arteries of the home and the human body, as the microcosm to the structure.
  • Avoid spiral staircases. Albeit they look visually appealing, they cause energy to funnel. This doesn't bode well and especially if positioned in the center of the structure. If you have this case scenario then it is best to soften the effect with soft plant positioned at the base of the staircase along with an upward lighting fixture. This tends to soften the effects of the open footed stair design.
  • Staircase in the center of a structure will actually pierce the heart of the home. Physical heart conditions are more prevalent for occupants living in such designs. It is also very destabilizing for the entire structure. It is best to grounded the energy with earth elements positioned along the staircase. For example, artwork with mountain scenes mounted on the staircase wall or stone pillar with stone statue positioned on landing. The earth element will help to anchor the otherwise chaotic energy movement. Obviously painting the staircase walls an earth color hue would also be very effective.
  • Narrow steep staircases cause energy to move too quickly. Create an illusion by hanging artwork that is horizontal in design. This will balance the otherwise steep vertical pitch.
  • Staircases positioned at the door entrance also creates a problem. Energy tends to move directly upwards to the second floor before having a chance to move through the first floor. Anything from active lighting fixture, inset brass stair rails with decorative carpet, to floor plant, decorative throw for banister edge, or if there is enough space in entrance foyer add a round table with decorative vase and floral arrangement.
Have some fun with your hallways and staircases and let the energy grace your home peacefully.

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