Thursday, August 4, 2016

Ms. Feng Shui Tea-Totaler: Coming Home!

Welcome all to the month of August. It's hard to believe we are already into another summer month. Since I need to make another cup of tea, why don't you simply click here and read my newsletter. It is filled with information about the energy for August including some yoga tips for my friend "Pie in the Sky" Yogini!

~ Mary Jane -

Feng Shui Astrology Lady Says...Earth Horse!

The earth horse combination gives a calming effect to the otherwise overactive tendencies of the horse. The earth stem this morning bodes well when it comes to being more reserved, contemplative and grounded in any decision making process. Combination to the horse branch awakens an interesting energy pattern for this afternoon. First, pay attention to those who back your efforts as they will become important components for new clients that are interested in your services. Secondly, trust your business acumen especially when it comes to financial matters. Make any necessary adjustments for future growth potential.

~Mary Jane - - Elite feng shui education & consultations!