Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Feng Shui Astrology Lady Says... Be a team player!

Today, the wood heavenly stem combines with the earth dog branch. This combination, albeit fights elementally, creates a great result. The potential is dynamic wealth, proper power and powerful expression. What does that all mean? Dynamic wealth can show up as unexpected income from a new opportunity. Just be mindful of saving some of that extra cash. Proper power is when you can take your leadership skills and manage others in a way that benefits the group. Powerful expression is how you are able to communicate your skills, talents and services effectively. Now, for all this to come together it is important to work with others today instead of independently. Furthermore, it would be beneficial to infuse the qualities of fire to join the otherwise conflicting elements of wood to earth. Therefore, engage in some form of cardio exercise to get your energy moving. Be sure to think about how you can be in front of others and make a strong impact. Gathering socially or in a group work effort is a great way to explore the element of fire.

~Mary Jane  

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