Daily Energy Forecast

Today is considered a stable day. It is beneficial to plan long term goals or strategies. The energy of a stable day infusing your endeavors to promote continuity, longevity and long term results.

Propitious Energy Stars:

There is an amazing wealth combination to the west today. Add movement, strong fire and earth to capture this interaction of pure earth stars.

Excellent leadership and networking potential is also available today for everyone. Virtual water place in the center today bodes well to tame these metal stars.

Career is more about checking in with your vision and goals today more than anything else. Stabilize with earth and metal qualities to the south.

Strong marketing potential for today but you need to focus on self knowledge for effectiveness. Place earth to stabilize strong fire in the northeast.

Windfall potential with partnerships. Add fire to stabilize the double three combination.

Stem & Branch Combination:

Yang wood monkey is about keeping everything in order today. Curiosity for new ventures and modes of thinking. Intuition is strong and should be followed. Be resourceful today and don't underestimate others including yourself.

Feng Shui Tip:

Experiment with new circulation routes. Break the grip of habit upon your domestic surroundings. Make your home more user-friendly.


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