Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Yin Earth Rabbit Day!

Today the yin earth stem combines with the wood rabbit branch. Yin earth is a softer and quieter quality of earth. You'll feel inclined to move at a slower pace, take in your surroundings and ponder situations before acting on them.

The earth stem is pressurized by the wood branch so there is a tendency to push the body creating tension. Instead, infuse the qualities of fire to restore balance. You can do this by revisiting your game plan, your goals and vision. The earth stem [provides that perfect sanctuary to rediscover yourself.

The earth to rabbit combines for a very practical yet persistent work ethic today. There is a tendency to be calculating and shrewd putting your own interests before others but it is better to do so when it comes to specific tasks. You will know which ones require your full attention and ones that you can delegate.

Mary Jane Kasliner