Monday, May 1, 2017

Daily Energy Forecast - Success Day!

Happy Monday Morning! Today is considered a success day. I love the sound of that! The energies of a success day support all positive endeavors and promote an abundant return. Successful alignment with your goals and nothing but smooth sailing ahead.

Fantastic energy for financial growth located in the west today. Strong fire and movement bodes well. Spend time with updating goals and vision board today as the combination is also beneficial in the south portent. Add strong wood and fire to propel this energy. Add some fire to the southwest to ease the otherwise overly active energy. Matriarch can expect potential windfalls.

The earth rat combination is about promoting your positive strengths today. Maintain good relations with everyone and be loyal to those who support you. Be realistic with achievements today by focusing on one subject at a time. People are less likely to take a chance today so keep that in mind.