Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Daily Astrology and the Feng Shui of Managing Your Space

There is an interesting mix of energy combinations for today. First off, from a flying star perspective, the northeast is loaded with auspicious stars. This bodes well for real estate transactions with financial gain. Just take your time to evaluate everything and do your research for best results. Add moving water and strong fire elements to capture the benefits.

Areas to keep quiet are the southwest and center of your space today. Strong metal sound vibration bodes best. Things may get chaotic causing tension in relationships so it pays to really take things slow especially when it comes to partnerships and legal dealings.

The 4 pillars position for today consists of the yang metal stem to the earth dog branch. The metal dog is all about independence and financial security. Look for investment opportunities today but nothing that requires a risky venture. Continue to strive for excellence no matter what you are involved in. The energy easily supports this approach and behavior.

Tips on Managing Your Spaces:

  • Clear out your clutter - including your wardrobes, drawers and cupboards. Discard accumulated rubbish so the things you treasure need and treasure can breathe.
  • Give to a thrift store - or charity collection. This is a great way to combine a clear out with a generous civic gesture.
  • Recycle. The amount of waste that we produce stresses the planet and disrupts our links with nature.
  • Repair things when possible. Take a more relaxed attitude and make do with things that are less than pristine but still in perfect working order.
  • Have a tiny job day b doing all the little chores around the house that arte pricking your conscience on a daily basis.
  • Touch up paintwork. A few hours spent spot-treating scuffs and marks will enhance your home environment and subtly boost your peace of mind.
  • Clean your windows. Smears or other marks on glass may be a trivial blemish, but they interpose themselves between yourself and the outside world and are therefore a constant reminder of minor neglect and subliminally stressful.

Mary Jane Kasliner