Thursday, May 25, 2017

Improve Air Quality with Feng Shui

Improve air quality in your home with feng shui principles. According to the US Environmental Agency, the concentration of toxins can be more than 200 times greater inside buildings than outside. The prime requisite is to keep the home well ventilated by opening windows regularly. Use house plants; a feng shui favorite, as a means of filtering the air. If central heating and good insulation make the atmosphere too dry, water in unglazed terracotta vessels above or near radiators will help to redress the balance. Some additional measure you can take to make the home environment healthier, and therefore more relaxing, include:

  • Use few chemical products
  • Use herbs and essential oils to scent the air
  • Use natural materials whenever possible for furnishings and decoration
  • Ban smoking
  • Use air ionizers to boost the level of negative ions in the air - salt candles and lamps are a feng shui favorite!
Just by adding some natural elements in design, nature's essence, and improving the air flow in your home can create a more relaxing and healthy environment.

                                                                Mary Jane Kasliner