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July 2017 Feng Shui and Yoga Energy Trends!

July 2017 Feng Shui & Yoga Trends.

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It's hard to believe we are already in the month of July. Summer is in full swing and the energy of fire is beginning to wane. This month my focus of discussion is the 5 Elements in Nature and the monthly energy trends. In terms of your yoga practice, I'll delve in to two poses; Padmasana and Tolasana.

Happy July!
Mary Jane Kasliner

The Power of Three:
The trigram 3 Zhen is the central star for the month of July. This star represents family, health and roots to our heritage. It is an arousing thunder type of energy as seen in weather patterns. In nature, it represents a tree's graceful and vertical energy stretching its branches high into the skies; as it soars, guidance is present. The roots reach deep into the earth and find strength. This support system is the same dynamic as the family; it provides roots so you may know strength. Strong roots enable you to meet any obstacle head on without toppling over. This energy teaches us to build a strong constitution physically, mentally and spiritually.

The holy trinity, or power of three, is recognized in many religions such as Brahma (the creator), Vishnu (the sustainer), and Siva (the transformer), or the Father , Son, and Holy Ghost. In yoga, the trinity is seen as the sacred inverted triangle of downward dog when we offer the coccygeal plexus to the heavens.

The energy of three encourages us to work diligently to transform ideas into reality. Everything is new and waiting to be brought forth. Cultivate this month and live fully and in joy.

Points to Perk Up:

Bring clarity to your vision and goals this month by delving deeper into relationships. Others will assist your mission if you let them in. Add strong fire to this portent and fuel your goals with through the assistance from others.

North: Think before acting on the job as it will impact your long term goals. Keep real estate options open this month and allow room in your financial portfolio for steady growth. Add strong wood and moving water to this portent along with bright activity.

Northeast: Travel is important when it comes to enhancing knowledge and your meditation practice. Look to take leadership position and interact with those who share common interest with you. Add strong earth qualities to this portent.

East: Family may be the connecting point this month when it comes to long term goals and career move. Listen to elder advice. Add water element to this portent and go with the flow.

Fire Sheep:
The fire element this month takes a yin softer approach and therefore is easily directed to serve our needs. However, there is always a need to maintain awareness when it comes to this element, as things can easily become explosive. Leadership and decisive nature is associated with the element of fire. Take the initiative this month in whatever you are doing and infuse a healthy dose of creativity.

The fire sheep combination is sure-footed especially when it comes to following intuition. Highlight your strengths this month and play down your weaknesses. Be mindful of overindulging especially when it comes to finances. This is an energetic combination requiring you to manage your excitement or outspoken comments. Take time to appreciate the benefits of a current situation and be realistic when reaching for things that could be out of your reach. Save time for family this month especially since it is the main energy trend for July (3 Zhen).

The sheep's overall energy is about unity and being home. There is a natural tendency for the sheep to be mindful of special dates such as birthdays and anniversaries so make sure you plug in to those who are close to you and send them a card on their special day. The sheep can also be a worrier and pessimistic about events. Try to step away from the doom and gloom perspective and instead enjoy the little things that come your way. The sheep also prefers not to make decisions, but rather follow along and then complain if things don't turn out just right. Avoid this mistake from the beginning and rely on your intuition and choices. Good things come naturally this month if you simply let go and trust in higher self.

The Elements in Nature : Read my full article by clicking here:   Watch my video on the elements in nature below, as I cover a few of them in a sheng and controlling cycle at Franklin Lake Park.

Yoga Time!
Padmasana or Lotus pose is a perfect pose when it comes to opening the hips, increasing knee flexibility, prevents arthritis and osteoporosis while toning the abdominal organs to promote proper digestion. The mental benefits include: focus of the mind, reduces stress and enhances mental clarity. You want to avoid this pose if you suffer from low back pain, hip, knee or ankle injury. The perfect finishing pose or counterpose is staff or dandasana pose.

Tolasana Pose is simple to transition into from lotus pose. This pose is perfect to strengthen the arms, wrists and abs as well as calms the mind and improves balance. You should avoid this pose if you have and shoulder or wrist injuries and if you suffer from tight hips, knee or ankle challenges. BE sure to view my video below on Padmasana and Tolasana poses!

Wood Uproots Earth and Water fuels Wood!
Earth Dams Water!
Padmasana & Tolasana Poses