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August 2017 - Take a Trip!

August 2017 Yoga & Feng Shui Tips!
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August 2017: Take a Trip!

Welcome to BSA - The Conscious Alignment of Energy
It's hard to believe we are already in the month of August. The depth of  summer has taken hold, the element of fire is losing energy, while the transition element of earth is getting ready to rise over the next month.  August is a popular month to take a trip. Is there someplace you'd like to travel to? Do you have time off from work,  time that you can use creatively? Do you have a long weekend coming up?How would you like to spend that? Vacations and trips are important , as they give us a chance to get away, see someplace new, rest, and refresh our spirits. Trips often synchronize with growth and change in our lives. A trip can correlate with a new direction on our journey in spiritual growth. Many times when we feel the urge to travel, it is connected to a deeper urge, the urge to go somewhere new on our path. This month be creative with your free time and delve deeper on the your journey from the inside out.

Happy August!
Mary Jane Kasliner


Partnering Energy:
The trigram 2 Kun is the central star for the month of August. This star represents partnerships and romantic relationships. It has a receptive quality that goes beyond oneself. The grounding impact of this star is cultivated by the element of earth.  To get a better sense of this element, spend some time walking barefoot on Gaia (Mother Earth).

The matriarch is mostly impacted by this trigram; therefore, it behooves older females to look to enhance partnerships or romantic relationships this month. The intestinal system can be more vulnerable with this star, so be mindful of your diet and especially when dining out.

The energy of " two" reminds us to work together  and to give beyond what you normally would.

Points to Perk Up:

This is the actual home of the trigram 2 Kun. As luck would have it, another earth star moves into this direction, but not just any earth star, it is the mother of all stars and especially when it comes to financial gains in real estate. My suggestion is to place strong fire in the southwest this month, and especially fire that has movement such as a plug-in incense burner!

Northwest:  Any new business ideas? If so, cultivate input from networking with those in the industry you are looking to make your mark. Add virtual water element to the northwest and make that connection between helpful people/mentors, and your new business venture.

South: By enhancing the northwest energy mentioned above, you will naturally move to a leadership role that will catapult your goals to a successful outcome. Add a strong earth element to the south direction such as a crystal stone and solidify your intended mission.

Align with Nature to Align with Yourself!
When we turn our attention toward nature, we become more closely aligned with it. We remember that we too are nature, and then we begin to see that there are parallels between what we see around us  and our own experiences. We begin to notice how our energy patterns rise and fall with the weather and the seasons. Take a look at my video and feel the power of the wind and water through the ebb and flow of the ocean waves. Recognizing our connectivity to nature is a step toward becoming more attuned to our environment and to ourselves. This is the way to live more aware and harmonious lives.


Nature Meditation  Short Video Here!

Yoga Time!
Trikonasana or triangle pose is a sacred yoga pose representing the triad (3), created by the upward triangle formed by the legs and the downward triangle formed by the lower arm and ankle. Click here to watch my video or scroll down below  and find out how this pose is about heaven and earth! 

Feng Shui Designs in a Flash CD!
Don't forget about designing your home feng shui style! Take a look at this video to discover what YOU can do on YOUR OWN!

Want to take it to a deeper level? Navigate my feng shui school site and see what you can learn from the comfort of your home!

The power of wind and water. Take in the energy of this video!
The deeper meaning of Trikonsasana (Triangle) pose! 
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