Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Daily Energy Strategy

Today there is an interesting combination of energy that moves towards hard work especially when it comes to figuring out new strategies in business. There is a great deal of earth qualities stored in the heavenly stem and earthly branch for today. Be methodical in how you approach things today. The following areas are where you should focus your strategy for today:

  • Connect with family members. Ask for advice  especially from eldest male. This will prove to be beneficial for your long-terms goals and aspirations.
  • Focus on study and research for whatever you are currently working on. This is imperative for you to move forward successfully in career.
  • Relationships with those closest to you are important in your business success strategy. Male and female energy bode well for positive financial outcome.
  • Windfalls are a potential when networking with those who are considered masters in your field. However, it is important to listen and communicate effectively otherwise chaos can result.
Have a great day!
Mary Jane Fengshui Yoga Girl! -