Monday, October 2, 2017

Monday Feng Shui Forecast

Happy Monday morning! Today is a day best to remove unwanted things, whether that is items in your environment or projects that no longer make any sense to continue. The daily star is very auspicious. It's about gathering financial resources and making a move in the direction of new real estate possibilities. However, since the star falls in the center, it is best not to make any drastic moves today. Instead, formulate a plan, write a list, and review your financial status. This is the way you can come from a position of power. Other areas to bring your attention to today:

  • Align your vision for future aspirations by checking in with younger and older male that are close to you and you can trust. Some great ideas may come from this leading to financial prospects.
  • Be mindful of marketing and network strategies today. There is potential for undermining activity.
  • Potential for very active energy for creative projects, children and overall play-time. Just be mindful of keeping things in order otherwise it can easily get out of control. 
Overall, the morning hours are for communication, listening and advancing long-term strategies for life and career. Trust those who are willing to extend a helpful hand.

Tip of the day: There is a difference between personal success and business success!

Mary Jane - Feng Shui Yoga Girl: