Tuesday, March 13, 2018

What to Focus on Today with MJ's Energy Forecast!

Snow Day

Let it snow! Not surprising weather pattern for today with wood over earth. The wood element positioned in the heavenly stem uproots the earth dragon beneath. As snow saturates the soil, tree roots are weakened, and can pull up from the earth.

The wood heavenly stem is yang; therefore, you may find yourself being rather overzealous when it comes to accomplishing your goals today. As wood and earth do not mix elementally, tensions may arise and especially when working with others. You can take two approaches to settle this tension. First, be more assertive and confident while presenting your position and keep a list of your goals  handy. Second, be methodical and list all aspects that require more attention for success to ensue. Be clear and concise when communicating your ideas. This should be easy as the wood dragon combination is pretty concise and inquisitive when it comes to communication. 

Other Areas of Focus:

  • Take advantage of networking with others today, as the heavenly star for guidance and mentorship receives plenty of assistance today. Don't overlook the obvious when it comes to new opportunity.
  • Real Estate has a big push today. It's a good idea however to ponder your decision before making a final move. Resources are strong as long as you rely on your higher self. That means strong meditation practice today.
  • Partner closest to you is your guide when it comes to enhancing your life mission. Shifting your vision may be advantageous.
  • Review your long term prospects when it comes to career and life path. Write down your plan of action so it is clear and concise. Then, go for the gold!
Mary Jane - Feng Shui Yoga Girl

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