Monday, June 25, 2018

Energy Combinations to Guide You Through Your Day!

Monday mornings can always be a little challenging to get the energy flowing. The following are tips that can be used as guide throughout your day.

The element of Earth is strong during the morning and early afternoon hours. Resources are readily available for you so try to take advantage of that. Even if you are used to going it alone, it is far better to accept assistance from others. There is great support when dealing with real estate matters. This includes improving your own property or seeking out possible investment opportunities. The grounded quality the earth element provides makes it easier to make decisions today. Therefore, if there is something you have been putting off it might be a good idea to bring it to fruition today.

Movement of water begins to work against the foundation of earth this afternoon. Acute awareness to solve problems is likely; however, it is necessary to organize a plan before putting it into action. Actually, a bullet list for what you need to focus on is essential during the afternoon hours otherwise things can get out of control easily. Keep all lines of communication open for best outcome.

Other Areas of Focus:

  • Get back to your family roots or ask elder for advice with resources. Make sure you come to the table with your goals in mind for best results.
  • Hone in on career outlook. Male input is strong today and especially from a leader in the industry. The energy combination for career sector is spectacular today. Remember to check resources and keep your goals clear.
  • Refer to literature or materials that give you insight and wisdom to connect your resources and career.
  • Stick with a grounding yoga routine with graceful flowing aspects. The root meets the sacral today, so you'll feel safe expressing yourself on and off the mat!
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