Tuesday, July 3, 2018

What's in Motion for Today?

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What's in motion for today? When it comes to the energy combinations this is a day of abundance! It is a great day to focus attention on activities and endeavors where more is ideal.

The element of fire is exceptionally strong for the first part of the day. Take advantage of making a public appearance or revamping your marketing approach. The more you can get in front of people today, the better when it comes to achieving your goals. If you are uncertain about what your goals are, then spend time this morning working through the details.

The afternoon hours are busier pulling your energy in different directions. It will be important to stick to a plan otherwise your attention will scatter resulting in less productivity. Remain grounded by taking pause with a brief meditation. If you can fit in a yoga class, even better yet. This is important otherwise you'll feel as though you are hitting a brick wall.

Other Areas of Focus:

  • Reading and research is part of the overall pattern today. This may be required to successfully meet your goals for the day.
  • Good networking possibilities today, but likely to occur in a social setting. Perhaps on the golf course, over lunch, dinner or cocktails.
  • Consider partner when discussing long-term career goals, as the input you will receive is beneficial.
  • Resources are easily attainable through proper marketing themes.
  • Windfalls are possible from new business venture. Just be mindful of legal parameters.
  • Land or home real estate is on a high today. If you are selling property, look to close the deal today.
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