Part 2: Energy of the Earth Pig Year 2019!

Part 2: How to Approach The Earth Pig Year of 2019!
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Part 2: Energy of the Earth Pig Year of 2019!

Welcome to Body Space Alignment Newsletter! 
This is the second part of a three part series newsletter to prepare you for the year ahead. Yesterday  I pointed out 8 Things You Can Do to Prepare for the Changes That Are Coming. This newsletter discusses the energy of the Earth Pig, while my final segment will review points of interest in your environment for 2019.
Let's get right to it!

Elevate Your Consciousness!

Mary Jane

 2019 is the Year of the Earth Pig! 
The 2019 Chinese Lunar New Year begins on February 5th. It is the 4717 Chinese year and the zodiac sign of the Pig. The Solar New Year begins on February 4, 2019. The difference between these two dates is based on the following:
The lunar start of the year must start on the 11th lunar month and is based on a new moon during this period. This is the time of the year when the moon starts a whole new cycle. It can fall either in January or February.

The solar start of the year is when the Sun is at 315 degrees exactly. It usually falls on the 4th of February, but can be on the 3rd or 5th. This is the beginning of the new solar cycle for a year and for the Chinese the beginning of the Spring season. Essentially, it marks the mid-point between the winter solstice and vernal equinox. 

Yin Earth Stem is Strong First Half of 2019: 
The Earth element with a yin polarity, which is the element of the Chinese year 2019, carries positive energies throughout the year.  It is synonymous with organization, nourishment, stability and being available to others. The element of earth aligns to the root chakra and therefore keeps us feeling grounded and connected to humanity. This provides a sense of security and strong foundation to reach out to others with confidence, especially since we feel our needs are being met. We may even feel overly confident to spend more easily and this can create a backlash especially towards the end of the year.
Areas of teaching, philanthropy and spirituality are particularly important throughout the year. Cultivate these areas in your life in 2019 and ride the energy wave of this energy into 2020.The year of the earth pig is strongly connected to relationships, so it is important to engage with family and friends frequently and avoid those relationships that no longer serve a purpose.
The earth element is the transformer and therefore 2019 is a transformational year. This is especially so in the beginning of the year when earthly stem is vibrant. Engaging in earth activities such as gardening, real estate, yoga, tai chi, qi gong and meditation bodes well. The element of earth represents the earth axis line on the loshu grid (feng shui), and specifically encompasses a relationship between self and others. Therefore, it is important to get to know thyself by way of meditation. The ability to realize your higher power is the key link when serving others and attracting right people into your life. This will make it more enjoyable and easier to better serve the world at large.
The 8 Earth star is prevalent this year as it takes the center of the loshu. This is a beautiful resource star associated with Wisdom/ Knowledge/Higher Self. It is the powerful money star location for the year of 2019! Trigram Gen represents young male energy eager to learn and accumulate knowledge. This trigram is deeply enriched with the energy of mountains that grace the earth. Mountains have always been associated with heaven and the path to self-realization. In Yoga mythology, is said Shiva is seen to sit in meditation at the highest peak of Mount Kailash with one eye open watching over all of humanity.
The element of Gen is earth and therefore mirrors the earth stem that arrives in 2019 with the Pig branch. There is a balance between the earth qualities as the earth stem above the Pig is yin whereas the earth trigram Gen is yang. The earth element reminds us to check in with our basic responsibilities – taking care of the mundane while seeking the qualities of higher self. Therefore, it is important to remain vigilant with your meditation practice and other modalities that quiet the mind.
The trigram Gen also relates to real estate. This is a good year to consider real estate options whether it is improving your existing residence or moving to a new location.
Gen is also related to the shoulders, wrists and arms, so these areas can be more vulnerable to injury. Furthermore, the earth organs (pancreas, stomach and spleen) can be vulnerable to stagnant energy especially in their meridians. Cleansing diets and good hydration is beneficial. For full assessment of the earth star in your environment and how to navigate through 2019 email me for your report.

Water and Wood Beneath the Earth:
The Pig branch is comprised mostly of yang water with hidden stem of wood. Water is an element that encourages flexibility, communication and focus on your journey whether that is your career, finances or understanding your true self.

The Pig energy for 2019 is generally a time for fun and festivities. It is important, however, not to be absorbed by the promises of this festive year. Hone in on thought out actions rather than jumping in blindly to situations that can turn out to be unnecessary risks. 
The Pig is by in large a friendly energy who prefers nonconfrontational situations.  Establishing good rapport with others is of the utmost importance. Therefore, we may see more kindness expressed during 2019.
With the feeling of abundance and joy that reign throughout the Year of the Earth Pig 2019, a lack of attention in finances, or even money losses are possible. This is because the Pig loves to party, socialize and spend big! The Pig is known for his wanton pursuit of pleasure. It is to our benefit the heavenly stem this year is the element of earth as it will offset and stabilize this otherwise over playful energy of the Pig.  

The carefreeness of the Year of the Earth Pig 2019, is especially felt as the Pig marks the end of the rotation through the 12 zodiac signs. This makes for a well-deserved break, and for everyone the opportunity to do the analysis of previous years, in order to be ready to project ourselves more serenely into the new cycle that begins the following year, with the Year of the Metal Rat 2020.
The personality of the Earth Pig manages to make projects a reality as long as you follow a specific strategy and hone your skills. Furthermore, the Pig is blessed with great endurance and can work steadily on one thing at a time with incredible patience. Much like the Ox, the Pig is willing to take up the burdens of others without say. Planning for your own future and those closest to you is an important step to take this year. Be charitable where you can especially when it comes to those most in need. If you have employees or co-workers, think of them as family and take care of their needs. That is the approach my husband took this year with his employees. They are working twice as hard and reaping the benefits of their efforts. 

The heavenly stem of earth this year combines with the yang water branch with a hidden wood stem. Since these elements are in clash (Earth and Water), it is important to infuse the qualities of the element of metal to restore the cycle of balance between the earth above and water and wood below. You can do this by relying on your intuition, be focused in whatever you are doing, and come from a position of truth, justice and righteousness. In doing so, you'll find ease in creating and spinning new ideas and ultimately putting into action these ideas.

Pig and Relationship With Other Archetype Animals:
The pig is part of the last Triangle of Affinity. This group is noted for emotional and artistic signs of the Rabbit, Sheep and Pig. These archetypes are mainly concerned with their sensory systems and how they can best enjoy them. Things like food, design and fashion are a large part of how this triangle of archetypes function. They are flexible and compassionate, as they are in touch with their surrounding environment and those around them. 

The most challenging animal archetype for the pig is the snake. They sit in polar opposite directions (NNW to SSE) and elementally oppose one another (water to fire). Opposites attract and therefore these energies will naturally become entangled with one another this year over issues of trust and overall disharmony. The remaining archetype animals are compatible with the pig in varying degrees. Here is a short overview of these relationships. *Note, below is a generalized overview of the archetype animals.
For full significance of how your energy will interact with the Earth Pig of 2019 requires a professional 4 Pillars evaluation. Email me for your report. You can refer to this link to locate your animal year.

Rat: The rat will work well with the pig this year especially when it comes to commitments and relying on intuition. The pig brings a social dynamic for the rat and the opportunity to venture out into unchartered waters. The earth heavenly stem this year will help to stabilize the water qualities of these archetypes.

Ox: By and large, the ox will bode fairly well with the pig this year unless the pig encounters the ox’s rigid approach to things. This is can overwhelm the pig and cause some resistance. It is best for the ox to lighten up and partake in more social events.

Tiger: This is a nice combination of enthusiastic energy. Business connections are strong for the tiger this year. Ideas will flow and support is strong. However, the tiger needs to be mindful of competitive and impulsive behavior tendencies for best outcome.

Dragon: The dragon acquiesces fully this year to the energy of the pig. Therefore, there should be no significant conflicts. Passion in work and at play is a common denominator for this combination. Where the two may find some differences is when it comes to egotistic and self-indulgent behavior. It is best for the dragon to let go of pompous attitude for a more streamline relationship.

Horse: This is somewhat of a challenging relationship as the horse’s quick fiery energy is difficult for the water pig to keep up with. The horse can capitalize on the pig’s luck only if it moderates outburst tendencies. The common ground they share is their outgoing nature. This bodes well for networking and new opportunities.

Monkey: Will bode well in the year of the pig as long as he remains focused. Plenty of opportunities will present themselves that can turn into profits; however, focus and attention to detail is necessary.  The monkey may find it challenging to deal with overindulgence and extravagance that will naturally unfold during the year of the pig.

Rooster: This is a prosperous relationship for this year. The rooster will find he can express his colorful personality and freely offer advice. This draws confidence and ease for the rooster this year. If the rooster is successful in identifying their area of expertise and sticking with it, there is much to gain in 2019.

Dog: It is important to maintain your priorities this year to be productive. Keep to your authentic caring and trusting nature. Don’t get caught up in feeling as though you have to be extravagant this year just because others around you may be doing so. Remain altruistic and all will be well.

Pig: You may be easily frustrated this year and find it difficult to resolve problems. Focus on controlling your desires and possessiveness. Let go of contentious behavior and cooperate with others for best outcome this year.

Environment and Health:
Take time this year to perfect your environment externally and internally. Keep the earth axis line (Northeast, Center to Southwest) well organized with plenty of earth elements to ground and support your higher wisdom and relationships with others. Make sure the Northwest portent is also well organized and supported with earth and metal elements to establish heavenly support, mentors, networking and travel for leisure and enjoyment – something the Pig can’t resist.

In terms of overall weather patterns, the Pig represents farm and open land. The primary water element found within the Pig, along with minor wood and earth stem above, suggests flooding to land with trees uprooting. Be mindful of trees on your property. Bring in a tree specialist if you have concerns of the integrity of their roots.

Pay attention to diet, as the Pig energy tends to over eat and overindulge in drinking. It is a good idea to infuse more metal foods to mitigate the stress between the elements of earth (stem) and water (Pig) branch. Examples of metal foods include: garlic, celery root, turnips, Chile peppers, ginger, mustard and for you carnivores, chicken and duck.

Regular exercise is of the utmost importance. You want to avoid being idle in 2019. If you are a yogi, you want to include lots of flowing movement with stabilizing standing poses as the navel and root chakra are naturally activated in 2019. Activating the crown (head) with inversions is also beneficial to bring in the natural metal from the heavens (stars). This will bridge the earth to water elements.  
Changing lifestyle (or living environment) this year forces us to find within ourselves new resources that we did not even suspect.

Money, Career and Business:
It is better during the Chinese year 2019 to moderate expenses and limit generosity to the people who are the most in trouble and who really deserve it. Think about your favorite charities that are close to home in your community and reach out to them keeping that “family” theme alive. While in India, our group spent time and resources to assist a local small business owner who had recently lost her husband. Living behind her Chai tea and food stand, we were honored to give from our hearts to help this woman. Think about who you can reach out to this month and this year to make someone else's life better.

In business, make certain administrative tasks are not neglected. Be as regular as possible in keeping your accounts up to date and don’t waste too much time to settle your potential debts.

The commercial and industrial trades are particularly favored in 2019 along with party entertainment businesses, food and spirits industries. Intellectual activities where writing is at the heart is also a highlight for 2019. This is because the Pig, who loves to socialize and party, is located in the direction of mentors, travel, heavenly guidance and networking on the feng shui compass.

In companies, the relations between colleagues are softer and the mentalities more tolerant and constructive. For success with business projects, consider positive dialogue only and show perseverance. Any demonstration of impatience and anger will only contribute to drive away people who might have supported you in your projects.

Society and Politics

The Year of the Earth Pig 2019 is a period during which the deficiencies of previous years are filled. Therefore, areas of tension may begin to wane. The act of giving and receiving is more prevalent in 2019. This is a step in the right direction towards unity. Perhaps we will see less separation in politics and the country at large. Individualism will not be tolerated. Nor will getting ahead at the expense of others. The Pig just will not have such behavior.

Globally, we may notice governments trying to seduce heads of state with lavish gifts – this is the Pig in action. Those in power must be aware of this and not fall prey to such behavior. It will be used to lore power in the wrong places. Newly-known political figures emerge and strengthen their position by relying on the media to imbue the collective consciousness with their innovative (or divisive) ideas. Be mindful of this and really listen to what these people have to say. Notice how it sits within your "gut" or better known as the portal way to your intuition. Higher self knows the distinction between these areas. 

Because 2019 is the end of a cycle, then any negotiations between the United States, Europe, Russia and Asia, will map out geopolitical trends for the next 12 years. Let's get it right!

Love, Friends, Family and Overall Energy:

During the Year of the Pig 2019, love relationships can be as passionate as short-lived. The Pig likes to engage in social outings and family gatherings. If relationship is secure, then it bodes well for marriage or to have a child. If it is a new relationship, be careful of delving in too quickly otherwise feelings can be hurt. It is better to establish the relationship over time and let it develop naturally.

Overall, the year of the earth pig helps us to move beyond our insecurities so we can be more benevolent towards the weakest among us. It is a time to be peaceful and charitable with self and others. Patience is a strong undertone for 2019. When practiced, there is nothing you can’t accomplish. Devotion to family, work and friends is also a must this year. Being kind, thoughtful, reliable and helpful employer are all ways to find harmony in the year of the Earth Pig.
Get busy living from a place of joy and let grace meet you just as you are.

Look for Part 3: Aspects of your environment to be mindful of in 2019 in your inbox next week!
Mary Jane
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