Your bed is the focal point as it is the most prominent piece of furniture in the room. It is essential you make the right choice when considering a bed, as it is the most used piece of furniture in your entire home. From an environmental point of view, you want to consider both the bed and the mattress.

     Natural wood frames are my favorite as they offer a robust texture and warmth. I also like the look of vintage bed frames. They lend an air of nostalgic romance and a unique look to the overall room design. These types of beds can come in a variety from ornate wrought iron with a princess fairytale feel, to decorative upholstered French style bed. Four poster beds add a touch of colonial charm while intricately carved wooden Art Deco - style beds can give a real vintage look.

     Alternatively, you can construct your own bed frame and take pleasure in making something you will use every day. If you are making your own bed frame, make sure the mattress will be properly supported by building in wooden slats. Be creative when it comes to the headboard as it will stand out and become the focal point.

     Your mattress is an important aspect when it comes to choice. You want to consider both health and comfort. Conventional mattresses are treated with lots of chemicals mainly fire retardants that outgas. Consider buying an organic mattress as it will benefit you and the environment. Organic mattresses simply use natural materials, such as wool and cotton. Natural latex mattresses are also beneficial. They are sourced from rubber trees but tend to be rather pricey and warm to sleep on.

Feng Shui Tips for Placement:

     When it comes to bed placement there are several things to consider:
  •  Place the bed on a solid wall in command to door entrance. Try to avoid the bed aligning directly to the door, as the onslaught of energy towards the feet is unfavorable.
  •  Avoid placing beds beneath windows. If you have no other choice, hang heavy drapes, use a solid headboard, or euro-pillows to buffer the otherwise unsupportive feature for protection. 
  •  Avoid placing beds beneath overhead beams. The right angles between the beam and ceiling cause a back flow of chi resulting in downward pelting energy at approximately 96 feet per second. This is extremely stressful for the body over a eight-hour sleeping period.
  •  Avoid placing beds beneath a sloping ceiling as the energy is extremely restrictive.
  •  Avoid placing beds cattycorner. Albeit a fabulous look, the energy tends to swirl behind the bed and can cause potential headaches.
  •  Avoid placing beds on a wall that has electrical equipment, appliance or hot water heater. These components emit EMF's that are not diminished by walls. A safe distance is three yards away from these sources. Beds positioned near EMF sources can result in headaches, insomnia, allergies and other ailments.
      Take your time in choosing healthy materials for your bed and mattress. Enjoy the process; after all, your bed is where you let your physical body rejuvenate and your spirit body to dream.


Mary Jane - Feng Shui Yoga Girl


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