Thursday, January 23, 2020

Why 4 Pillars Astrology Assessments Can Help You and Your Business

     Four Pillars is based on your time of birth, date of birth, and your place of birth. It is a system to assist you in understanding how the elements of the environment you were born into impacts your life. It can be used as a tool to navigate your approach to life. How? In this system, there is an analysis of how the elements of the earth at the time of birth melds with your mind-body connection. The combination of those elements are then carried with you throughout your life. Essentially, this body chemistry is like your birthday, it can never be changed. It is your destiny. However, adjustments to your environment in which you reside can give you guidance to make the most of your destiny pillars.

     In this system of astrology, I calculate and analyze the 4 Pillars of birth and other combinations and interactions that impact these 4 date pillars including annual and 10 year combinations to determine the right course of action for all areas of your life.  I can pinpoint the exact amounts of elements (5 in all), that are born within the body. Having an ideal amount of 18-20% of each of these elements is fantastic. However, the reality of having all 5 elements fall within those parameters is rare, or not likely at all. It becomes extremely important to regulate those elements out of balance with other factors within your body or your environment throughout your life. This can be achieved through various ways including activities, environmental changes, foods, people and how you serve others in the world or your soul's mission.

     Think of the 4 Pillar profile as inner feng shui or managing your inner landscape. An over or under abundance of elements in your environment impacts the mind - body connection or your state of being tremendously. Each of the 5 elements holds a piece of the puzzle for your success, health, and living to your highest potential. From a basic perspective, the 4 pillars point to sectors of your birth data whereby the hour pillar represents your inner self and emotions you hold close to the cuff. The day pillar represents your master self - body of true self. The month pillar holds the energy of parental influence, heritage, patterned imprinting and what to learn from these influences. The year pillar is the outer self, how others perceive you, your personality and how they respond to your energy. There are interactions and fluctuations between these pillars with incoming energy each year and larger patterns in 10-year pillars. 

     This is a perfect time to request a 4 Pillars analysis, as the energy is gradually shifting from 2019 to 2020. For more information on requesting a 4 Pillars life analysis email me.

Mary Jane Kasliner is a master feng shui consultant in traditional feng shui principles including 4 Pillars technique. She can be contacted through her website or email.

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