Tuesday, July 31, 2012

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How to Create a Welcoming Garden

This week BSA discusses How to Create a Welcoming Garden. Whether you are designing an indoor or an outdoor area you'll want to make sure you are really encouraging energy to flow easily throughout the space. Below are a few ideas to help you get started on designing a welcoming garden. Benvenuto!

How to Create a Welcoming Garden

Before you can get started on creating a welcoming feng  shui garden you need to understand a few basic feng shui principles. By following some guidelines you can create a garden that not only feels welcoming, but that actually can bring abundance into your life.

Raising Energy

The main goal in feng shui gardening is to raise the level of qi (energy) in the garden and to make sure that it moves smoothly and freely throughout the garden. You'll want to get rid of barriers like weeds or  overgrown vegetation because they have a way of trapping or stagnating energy.  You'll also want to control energy that is moving too quickly such as long straight pathways. This can be easily done by infusing different foot path materials like wood chips or brick pavers and adding a few border plants with color. It will not only look fabulous but give the energy a place to settle down for awhile.

Directions & Placement

Each of the eight directions have a certain energy that represents element qualities and associated images. This is a great way to get some ideas for different areas of your garden.

East - Wood element - herb garden or eating area
Southeast - Wood element - fruit tree
South - Fire element - Fire pit
Southwest - Earth element - Bistro table & rock garden
West - Metal - bocce set
Northwest - Metal element - weather vane or sun dial
North - Water element - koi pond
Northeast - Earth element - Stone ornament

Balancing Yin and Yang

Yin and yang is the idea that life energy can be passive and active. This is a concept based on complementary opposites. You want to make sure your garden has a blend of these two polarities so it remains in balance - neither too quiet or too frantic. So trim back where you need to and let the sun peak in. Likewise, bring in some shade in overly yang (sunny) areas.

Paying attention to aesthetics, function and design as you plan your garden makes your space more appealing and attractive. You'll find yourself inviting friends over for some fun summer parties or simply slipping into a lounge chair and relaxing yourself.

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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Shifting to a Higher Vibration

Shifting to a Higher Vibration

Now is upon us and time to wake up and raise our vibration individually and collectively. It is time to live in a world of energy along with the physical world. Waking up is simply about increasing your level of awareness, being tuned in to what is occurring in the world internally and externally. It is time to go beyond the Law of Attraction and let go of the illusion that we create as reality.By becoming more conscious we are actually changing the rate at which the energy of our thoughts and emotions vibrate. 

Dr. David Hawkins, in his book Power vs. Force, developed a scale that depicts the vibration level of thoughts, emotions and perceptions. Essentially, as our consciousness vibrates at a higher level then so too will our bodies and the world at large.Another way to put this is we are moving from a materialistic world to a spiritual one.Many believe this shift will create a new earth, one we are not familiar with today, but nevertheless is upon us now. In fact, the end of the Mayan calendar suggests it is a shift in consciousness that will occur as more and more people vibrate at a higher level resulting in raising the rate of mass consciousness.

The shift will happen to all beings on planet earth, including those who don't believe it. The most important thing to do is to begin to educate yourself on how to live in a world of energy along with the physical world. Know that your physical body is more then just a mass of tissue and bones but it is also made up of complex energy systems known as the chakras, meridians and aura that also needs daily care. It means you need to become aware of the energy of your surroundings, your office, home and property. Know that these spaces vibrate as well and by infusing natural elements into these spaces and caring for the environment they too will vibrate at a higher rate and be in sync with your own body. Feng Shui is a process that works specifically with elevating the vibration of spaces and the land. This practice is thousands of years old and now has come full circle. 

Every area of the physical world has an energy level and this is what we all must become familiar with. Mother earth is changing. She is knocking on humanities door. The question is are we ready to answer the call.

Mary Jane Kasliner ~ Feng Shui Master & Yogi

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Staying Young With Yoga

Staying Young With Yoga

on Tuesday, 17 July 2012. Posted in BSA Yoga
This week BSA discusses How to Stay Young With Yoga. It seems as though today more than ever regular citizens like you and I try to fight the aging process. Millions of dollars are poured into the anti-aging industry from creams to lotions to pills and more. But do they really work? One remedy that surely works is yoga.

How to Stay Young With Yoga

If you spend any time in yogic circles you will see there is a youthfullness and vigor that surrounds them. Many of the yogic greats like Iyengar and Jois have succeeded in keeping a young attitude and fresh energy about them. The bottom line yoga keeps you young. It keeps you young in a way that really counts.  Yoga poses and pranayama (breath-work) keep the organs, joints and nervous system healthy and young. When your internal systems are vital then the outer body looks refreshed as well.
When your body feels good then you feel good and look forward to getting out of bed in the morning and delving into the day. This is what yoga can do for you. When you practice yoga you are more in touch with self and connect to inner wisdom. This in turn gives you a new persepctive of how you view things in life. A childlike wonder takes over and this is the secret behind retaining your youth and embracing new things.
Our bodies age not only by the years that roll in but by the  range of motion they get used to. If you practice yoga your body becomes accustom to a full range of motion and the result is healthy joints and a healthier appearance. Without proper exercise, the body contracts and we lose height, strength and flexibility. Yoga poses reverse the aging process by moving each joint in the body through its full range of motion, stretching and balancing each part.
How Old Are You Really?:
Insteadof looking at your chrononlogical years or how many wrinkles you may have, take a look at how flexible your spine is. In yoga there is a saying: "You're only as young as your spine." Our spine contains more moveable parts then any other part of the body. When the spine gives way there is another part of the body that suffers. The key is to keep your spine flexible because when you can still bend forward or backwards, then you are still young.
One of the best yoga poses for staying young is headstand. It is said that daily headstand practice can turn grey hair back to its natural color due to the increase in blood flow to the hair shaft. In fact, when one masters headstand practice and can stay in the pose for several hours it is said to halt the aging process all together. Headstand is an advance pose and should be done with supervision, so it's not a pose you want to jump right into if you haven't tried it before.
The next time you look in the mirror and you are discourage by the wrinkles or grey hairs, make a commitment to do something about it other then reaching for a new cream. Make a commitment to begin a yoga practice and keep your body in the best possible health. Trust me, the next time you look in the mirror you may just be surprised.
Mary Jane - Yoga Teacher & Feng Shui Master

Friday, July 13, 2012

Social Networking With Your Own Body

Social Networking with Your Own Body

on Monday, 09 July 2012. Posted in BSA Yoga

Social Networking with Your Own Body

Everyone these days is connected to some type of social networking media but what type of tools do we have to connect to ourselves and our own body. Let's take a closer look on how we can be connected to the whispers from within.

So how can we start to social network with our own body? If you listen close enough your body is sending you little messages all day long about how its doing, how it feels, and what it needs to work best.
Your body is a sophisticated computer that never makes a mistake. No matter how involved you may be in day-to-day tasks, your heart never skips and beat and your lungs automatically expand and contract allowing oxygen to fill your body. Your body is constantly sending you little tweets and updates but are you tuned in and listening?

The language your body speaks are of sensations and symptoms. Each pain or ache is our body communicating with us. These messages are constant reminders for us to  stop and listen to what the body is trying to tell us. Unfortunately many of us are taught to ignore these messages or to simply override them. 

You can and should trust your body and one of the best ways to come into alignment with the body is through meditation, breathwork and yoga practice. By tunning into the breath you tune into the subtle energy of the body. When that happens you become very aware of how your body feels. If you take it a step further and infuse daily yoga poses connected to each inhalation and exhaltion you will open up the chakras (subtle energy points) in the body and release toxins. As you continue with your yoga, breathwork and meditation practices you will automatically be connected to the highspeed messages being sent from the master computer - your body.
Simple Ways to Stay Connected to Your Body:
1. Wake up early and get quiet with a meditation.
2. Take some long deep breaths with a holding of the breath and then full release.
3. Practice a simple yoga routine whether it is with a group class or on your own.
4. Take time everyday to commune with nature.
The aforementioned are some simple ways to stay connected to the super highway of social networking with your own body. Within a short period of time you'll be surprised how easy it is to repond appropriately to the whispered messages from your own body.
Mary Jane
Feng Shui Master & Yogi