Thursday, July 19, 2012

Shifting to a Higher Vibration

Shifting to a Higher Vibration

Now is upon us and time to wake up and raise our vibration individually and collectively. It is time to live in a world of energy along with the physical world. Waking up is simply about increasing your level of awareness, being tuned in to what is occurring in the world internally and externally. It is time to go beyond the Law of Attraction and let go of the illusion that we create as reality.By becoming more conscious we are actually changing the rate at which the energy of our thoughts and emotions vibrate. 

Dr. David Hawkins, in his book Power vs. Force, developed a scale that depicts the vibration level of thoughts, emotions and perceptions. Essentially, as our consciousness vibrates at a higher level then so too will our bodies and the world at large.Another way to put this is we are moving from a materialistic world to a spiritual one.Many believe this shift will create a new earth, one we are not familiar with today, but nevertheless is upon us now. In fact, the end of the Mayan calendar suggests it is a shift in consciousness that will occur as more and more people vibrate at a higher level resulting in raising the rate of mass consciousness.

The shift will happen to all beings on planet earth, including those who don't believe it. The most important thing to do is to begin to educate yourself on how to live in a world of energy along with the physical world. Know that your physical body is more then just a mass of tissue and bones but it is also made up of complex energy systems known as the chakras, meridians and aura that also needs daily care. It means you need to become aware of the energy of your surroundings, your office, home and property. Know that these spaces vibrate as well and by infusing natural elements into these spaces and caring for the environment they too will vibrate at a higher rate and be in sync with your own body. Feng Shui is a process that works specifically with elevating the vibration of spaces and the land. This practice is thousands of years old and now has come full circle. 

Every area of the physical world has an energy level and this is what we all must become familiar with. Mother earth is changing. She is knocking on humanities door. The question is are we ready to answer the call.

Mary Jane Kasliner ~ Feng Shui Master & Yogi