Friday, November 1, 2013

BSA Feng Shui Tip : 

Want to call energy to finances? Make it simple and hang a bird feeder in the southeast portent of your property and place some nuts in the feeder to discourage cats or birds of prey. This is a fantastic way to call finances into your life via the outside world.

Mary Jane

BSA Feng Shui Astrology: November 1, 2013 

Today is a yin metal sheep day. Caution to oxen today. The morning brings in the lighter side of metal. With that being said, people will be a bit more flexible in their viewpoint but still somewhat persistent on points they want to get across. Use your intuition for guidance in such situations today. The metal sheep combination makes it a good day for growing business. Work is thorough and very impressive. Albeit confidence is apparent there is an undertone of self worry. No need to place that kind of pressure upon yourself or the situation. As long as you  are honest all will fall into place.

Mary Jane