Tuesday, July 8, 2014

July 2014 Energy

The Energy for July!

This is the month of the Green 3 wood star - a star that is timely in this current 20 year cycle (2004 - 2024) but should be watched. The Loshu number 3 (trigram Zhen) represents wood energy- strong and aggressive in its presence. Think of this type of wood as the sturdy trunk of a tree - not very flexible when it comes to just about anything. Keep that in mind this month especially when dealing with business ventures or even family functions.
The energy of 3 (Zhen) is all about getting out there and accomplishing set goals. New projects or ideas are a definite as well as being the visionary for future works. This star can easily be aroused and aggressive if not kept under wraps so tread slowly in any new ventures and especially when it involves others.
Family: The East Portent

The 1 white star resides in this direction for the month of July. The presence of this white star can bring in positive energy for health and family. The water energy associated with this star fuels the wood portent; this bodes well for eldest male especially. Any research or study indicated for interviews or job promotion is a natural fit with this star. As this is a white star there are no negative effects from its presence. Adding the elements of water to the east will assist this wonderful energy. Remove cure by August 7th.

Fortunate Blessings & Wealth: The Southeast Portent
The 2 Kun earth star resides in this portent for the month of July. This is a problematic energy that can place pressure on finances and weaken the hips and pelvic area of the body. When it comes to financial dealings, be very cautious and check your bank accounts frequently this month for any mishaps. Add strong bronze metal element to the southeast to keep this energy depleted. Remove this cure by August 7th.

Are You Moving Towards Your Goals? The South Portent
7 metal Dui star rises to the south this month. This star can upset the flow of your goals and vision as it undermines integrity. Pay close attention to other females and this is where the infraction is likely to come from. If you have a door entrance in the south part of your home or office make sure all locks are in good working order as this star also represents theft. Watch for skin, mouth, eye or cardio-vascular irritation. Add virtual water and wood to the south and remove by August 7th.
Relationships: The Southwest Portent
The 9 purple star enters the portent of relationships this month. This is a wonderful star to fuel relationships. This star represents prosperity and especially when it comes to promotions in career. Review your goals and mission and you'll find things falling right into place. Add fire elements to the southwest and remove cure by August 7th.

Creativity - Pleasure: The Western Portent
The 5 sha yellow star comes to visit this portent for the month of July and with it chaos arises. Make sure you plan well for any party, travel or simple gathering with friends or family as this star can cause things to fall apart. It can also cause potential skin rash or accident to the teeth. Add some strong bronze metal and a sound vibration (bell) to this area and remove by August 7th.

Networking - Potential Wealth or Travel: The Northwest Portent
The 4 green star enters the house of helpful people, mentors and travel. This star can create tension between male and female resulting in strain on relationship, family and business dealings. Clear communication is essential as to avoid misunderstandings. Lungs and upper respiratpory infection for male can occur so take extra care of your health this month. Take time to read and journal this month as it will help to allieviate tension. Add fire and earth elements to the northwest and remove by August 7th.
Checking in with Career: The North Portent
The bright 8 earth star enters the portent of career for this month. Career enhancement is likely as long as you focus on long term plan and strategize your next move. Look into real estate or stock options as the energy bodes well in these disciplines. Place wood and fire elements in the north and remove by August 7th.
Inner Wisdom: The Northeast Portent

The 6 white (Qian) star resides in this palace for the mounth of July. This is a wonderful energy for male and especially when it comes to inner wisdom and following higher voice. Go with it and take time for meditation and yoga practice. This is the energy that can naturally build it for you. Travel can also be likely and especially if it is a yoga retreat. Add strong earth elements here and remove cure by August 7th.
The Tai Chi - The Center of Your Life
As mentioned in the beginning of this analysis, the 3 wood green star - a star that is timely in this current 20 year cycle (2004-2024), represents wood energy - very strong in its presence and therefore can show up as rigidness in viewpoint and also in the body resulting in stiffness.
The energy of 3 (Zhen) is an active force when it comes to new ideas and creating new business. It awakens the visionary aspect within. There is a tendency however to move to quickly in your actions, dealings and work and this can create problems. Therefore, practicing patience and be flexible in your opinion and viewpoint on matters that arise. Place fire element here to tame this energy for the month. You may remove this cure by August 7th.
*Note: The analysis above is generalized. Each structure will receive this energy differently when interacting with that structures unique composition or time built and facing direction. Mention this newsletter and receive a 10% discount on your flying star monthly report!
May Blessings!
Mary Jane

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