Monday, December 28, 2015

Be Strong!

Be Strong!

The month of January is represented by the arousing trigram of zhen - the powerful energy of thunder. This trigram is also associated with its strong roots - like that of a mighty oak tree. If you can envision a tree gracefully stretching its branches high into the skies, as it soars, guidance is present. The roots reach deep into the ground and find strength. This support system is the same as a family's dynamic. It provides roots so you may know strength and develop the ability to soar, so your infinite potentiality is cultivated. 

The family root system represents springtime when the bulbs burst through the earth; it is a time of renewal. It is a time to understand who and why you were born. The family dynamic shapes and influences the very core of your being. Thus the time is NOW to cultivate who you are from within yourself.

Strong roots enable you to meet the surprise of strong winds, the thunderstorms so to speak in life, and yet not be surprised and swept away. This energy teaches us how to develop strength of character, a healthy body, and a productive sound mind. The trinity builds on what was inherited; endowing opportunities to open. Continued personal development is held within this aspect of life where dreams, ambitions and intentions are grown in the fertile soil of belief. This strong upward growing energy puts ideas into motion so they may become a reality.

The energy of Zhen encourages the ability to work diligently. It can be compared to the farmer who rises early to tend to his crops. This active energy stave's off procrastination and activates a strong will to believe and achieve transforming ideas into reality. Everything is new and simply awaiting your initiative to bring it forth into being. 

Gaining the gift of inner strength and forgiveness and to share them with humanity expands your dreams beyond expectations. The roots of your past support you as you grow into a person who changes the world for the better. The ancestors smile as you go beyond their ability to make necessary changes and transform from the inside out. BE STRONG is he message for this month!

Environment Focus:

The eastern sector is the environmental directional focus this month. It is important  it is strong and resilient as changes are about to occur. Below is a brief list to follow when evaluating the eastern sector of your home or office this month:

  1. Note if anything is malfunctioning indoors or outdoors. Anything that is not operational or has fallen into disrepair will only hinder the motion of spinning new ideas into reality.
  2. Plant strong vegetation outdoors that can withstand the winter months. 
  3. Place a well rooted plant indoors - one that will grow over time.
  4. Add a water feature here to sustain the beneficial water star entrance for the month while fueling the wood to the east.
  5. Make sure the elements are in a sheng cycle to the element of wood - thus water, wood and a touch of fire are key element choices.
  6. Place a vision board of what you would like to transform in your life from the core root of who you are and what you want to ultimately achieve.
  7. Add an incense burner and let it waft to keep the energy bright here for the month.
Mary Jane Kasliner