President Donald J. Trump Astrology Chart Forecast!

Four Pillars Chart : Donald Trump

The following is derived from Donald Trumps's Birth Data:


    Year Pillar:

    Donald was born in the year of the Yang Fire Dog (1946). The year pillar represents the outer world and his relatives. As this pillar is considered the "social pillar," then it is how he portrays himself to the community. The Dog energy is one of altruistic behavior, caring and one of life's givers. The dog energy is always one to listen to people's problems and provide support. The dog is highly principled, excellent judges of character and highly developed when it comes to their intuition. Dogs do best serving and helping others. They prefer to specialize in one thing and very little can stop them from achieving their goals. The fire stem combines with the earth dog branch and adds a level of action when it comes to exploring new ideas. The fire dog is capable of achieving tremendous fame and fortune if he can get past his stubborn tendencies. Obviously Donald has been able to obtain fame and fortune. It is this yang fire stem that brings forth Donald's rather flamboyant and sometimes overwhelming aspects to his personality.

    The fire stem in the year pillar represents Donald's grandfather. The fire element fuels Donald's earth day stem, meaning Donald's grandfather was an asset to him and his best fan. He provided Donald with many resources as he was growing up and as a result Donald felt much comfort and gratitude towards his grandfather. His grandmother is represented by the Dog branch. She too assisted Donald as he was growing up. Donald felt a strong connection to his grandparents and his extended relatives.  

    As the year pillar is what Donald contributes directly to society, it is apparent there is heavenly guidance (by way of the fire stem), for primary resources. This means there is support available to him in all important aspects of his life. He encounters plenty of friends and competitors from society that can show up as clients, some of which can be challenging. Proper expression is also very apparent in this pillar for Donald. This simply means his creations (real estate) and achievements were earned mostly through individual efforts. As the fire stem creates the earthly branch, Donald is very generous and this can lead to loss of wealth. We shall see that in his month pillar by way of his bankruptcies.

    Month Branch:

    Donald was born in the month of June or the Horse month. This pillar reflects his immediate family and his business. First off, the yang wood stem represents his father and/or employer. The wood stem reflects proper power, meaning power is used in a way that benefits the greater good. The wood stem (representing his father/employer) does clash with Donald's earth day stem. This translates as pressure between Donald and his father. His father expected a great deal from him and this no doubt created stress for Donald. Luckily his mother and employees (represented by the Horse fire branch), diffuses this pressure and gives support back to Donald. This is why Donald feels supported by his employees. Furthermore, in Donald's business, he represents the wood stem in this (month) pillar, and as a result he fuels his employees. This would explain why his employees stay with him for a long time. 

    The Horse branch is an energy that can be rather wild. Think of a horse that loves to get out and just run. This is how Donald likes to operate his business; take off and run. Albeit this can be exciting, it can also make for impulsive actions. It is simply his excitement to jump in and get things moving to the finish line. The wood stem combines with the horse branch and this bodes well as it tempers some of the overactive nature of the horse. It brings an element of focus that can otherwise be lacking. The horse branch is also empty representing a karmic lesson for Donald when it comes to family and business. Since the horse's nature is one of constant motion, filled with energy and enthusiasm for life, there is a tendency for impulsive outbursts and multi-tasking to a major degree. The primary lesson for Donald in his family and  business life is to slow down and enjoy the magnificent circumstances that surround him. He may just be learning that lesson now in life when he announced his candidacy back in June recognizing it is time to share his magnificent life circumstances with the people of the United States.  

    The empty branch in this pillar does reflect possible difficulty with mother or nurturing relationship. In my opinion this stems more from his father placing undo pressure on Donald and his mother playing the part of the "fixer" when stress and tension rose between them.

    The Horse branch in this pillar is in a 6 combination to his day sheep branch releasing the element of fire or resource, albeit inconsistent at times for Donald when it comes to business, and his personal life. This combination does reawaken his karmic lessons of the Horse and Sheep, a gentle reminder to slow down, smell the roses and find independence instead of constantly needing reassurance.

    Donald's bankruptcies can be seen in this pillar due to the month stem generating the month branch - also known as generous but can become poor.

    Day Pillar:

    The earth day stem in Donald's chart is exceptionally strong at 52%. This is compounded by a 5 combination between the yang wood month stem to yin earth day stem. This is a follow strength chart! This would explain why Donald loves the real estate industry and why he decided to run for President. The element of earth is the great transformer! For Donald, his real estate represents his ability to transform properties. He has taken this transformation process further by running for the highest office in the land. It is time for his greatest transformation, the largest property owned by the American people; The United States of America.

    The element of earth, that is excessively weighted in his chart, is also about fairness. This is why you are constantly hearing him talk about things not being fair during this election process. Earth people are also great at managing organizations and this bodes well if he wins the election. However, as his earth is excessive in his chart it can also point to a controlling nature and rigid point of view. It was actually an excellent choice that he picked Mike Pence for his running mate because Mike has a Metal day stem and branch in his chart that helps to offset all of Trumps' Earth. Think of it as a taming source of balance.

    The Sheep is the branch in Donald's day pillar. As this pillar represents his marriage/relationship, there are two aspects that come to mind. First, the sheep can be very charming but doesn't like to be rushed or pressured. Sheep people are lovers of nature, can be easily hurt, and become upset in confrontational situations. They love to be around family and work within a group rather than alone. Now you may be shaking your head thinking; this isn't Donald! Since the day pillar is considered an inner pillar, then only those closest to Donald would recognize this part of his personality. I believe the American people have seen a glimpse of this side of Donald by way of his family support during this election process. Furthermore, we also have witnessed his outbursts when confronted with hostility or unfair biased media. 

    The Sheep branch is also empty meaning another karmic lesson for Donald. First off, an empty branch in this pillar usually suggests difficulties in marriage, and we have seen that in Donald's history. Albeit there have been divorces, his relationships are one of assistance rather than one party dominating the other (Earth Stem to Earth Branch). The karmic lesson when it comes to Donald's relationships is he needs to let go of the need to have constant reassurance and support and develop independence. I think we have seen this illustrated by Donald in his need to be accepted. Between the excessive earth in his chart and the karmic sheep lesson, it's understandable why Donald shouts out whenever he can how the election is rigged and unfair. Whether he is right or not, he simply can't help himself. He wants and needs fairness and reassurance. Finally, the earth branch and earth stem in this pillar are the same element suggesting he is strong and independent strengthened by his own roots.

    Hour Pillar:

    The hour pillar for Donald represents his sons, brothers, sisters, daughters and his middle age years. His sons and brother assist Donald completely. There is a synergistic relationship between them. His daughters and sisters have a fueling energy for Donald. They absolutely adore him and support his efforts as a parent would support their children. Donald recognizes this and shows his appreciation for them anytime he can. This too has been apparent during this election process. 

    The snake energy in this most inner pillar suggests two things. First, Donald knows intuitively how to work with finances. The snake is highly intelligent, deep thinker and will shed their skin several times throughout their lives taking on new business ventures. Snakes enjoy the challenge and I think that is very apparent if you look to all the businesses Donald has engaged in over his life time. Snakes prefer their own counsel rather than take advice from others. Many times snakes are interpreted as being secretive because they let very few, if any one, into their confidence. As the snake branch fuels the earth stem, this represents nourishing roots or a strong and healthy person in later years.

    Ox Sheep Clash:

    There is a clash between the ox branch in Donald's 10 year pillar to his sheep day branch. The undertones of this impending clash started in June when he announced he was running for POTUS. Hard work really began for him at this time and since he has come to realize how difficult being a politician can be. The clash places pressure on his marriage and we saw this with the media attention to past sexual conduct. His wife and family will stand by his side along with his close circle of friends. Albeit at times he will find resources to be inconsistent in that part of his life, and at times he will try to control that, he will ultimately find a way to rely on his past accolades to propel him forward, but not without hard work from his own efforts. This clash between the ox and sheep will also bring in a more philosophical nature for Donald over the next several years. Right now Donald is primarily experiencing the yin metal stem in his 10 year pillar that represents proper expression or his reliance on past accolades and achievements. 

    Fire Trine:

    Donald has a permanent full fire trine in his chart which is extremely powerful formed by the Snake, Sheep and Horse. This represents primary resources for all important aspects of Donald's life. This is one of the reasons why he is able to be so successful even with a zero percent of water (represents wealth) in his chart. Instead, Donald portrays that zero percent of water through his inability to effectively communicate. Communication skills are represented by the element of water and in his chart is 0%. However, with such heavy earth producing a natural transition to metal and water, Donald is learning how to speak more effectively. 

    This fire trine along with the yang fire stem in Donald's year pillar is why he is seen as flamboyant in society and somewhat overwhelming.


    In the first 6 months of this year Donald had a strong surge of primary resources. He had support in all areas of his life, goals easily reached, relationships easily defined and obstacles overcome. This was the perfect backing that catapulted Donald to the run for POTUS. July through August was an important time for Donald to rely on his past accolades to convince the American people he has what it takes to be President. From September to present Donald is up against some really challenging people. As luck would have it however, there are more and more people gathering around him who are supporting him and this is primarily due to the large crowds of people who come to his ralleys.  From the end of November through January Donald will move into primary wealth. If he wins the presidency (we now know he has), his wealth is leading this nation. If he did not win, he would experience this primary wealth as another real estate transaction.

    The monkey branch in the 2016 pillar forms a 6 combination to his snake hour pillar.This results in the element of water. This bodes well for Donald, as it brings in the quality of improved communications.

    Heavenly Noble:

    Donald's yin earth day stem combines with the Monkey 2016 branch and forms a heavenly noble. This means that his wife acts as a benefactor for him when he feels stressed or in trouble. I believe his wife Melania has demonstrated that to the public during this election process.


    Donald has the prosperity point between his yin earth day stem and horse month branch indicating much wealth in business regardless of his 0% of wealth element of water. Once again that element is showing up as a deficiency in his ability to communicate with finesse. This extreme wealth is due to this prosperity star in the business or strong month pillar. With a friendly parallel in his hour pillar indicates that he is happy to share his prosperity with others. 


    A sword is formed between his yin earth stem and snake hour branch indicating he can be hurt or loose money to children by extension of relationships. We all know how much money he had to give to Ivana, his first wife. Need I say more.

    Golden Carriage:

    The 2016 Monkey branch forms a golden carriage with Donald's yin earth day stem meaning social good ranking for the remainder of 2016 (until February 2017). After that...Another report!


    Since I originally posted this report we have come to learn Donald J. Trump is our next President. May God Bless him, the American people and the Great Nation!

    Mary Jane Kasliner, AAS, BS, ACFSI, ERYT200+


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